So, after a most fulfilling trip to Korea you’re happily packing up and getting ready for your flight back to Singapore, only to realise… oh shoot, souvenirs. Your family and friends might have requested for you to bring back to them a little something from your holiday, but amid all the shopping that you did that little task slipped off your mind.

Fret not, because there’s still hope. The awe-inspiring Incheon International Airport may very well be your chance to do some last minute souvenir shopping, be it for cosmetics or for snacks. Plus, since it’s airport shopping, you’re entitled to duty free prices; people who have been to Incheon International Airport swore that they’ve scored amazing deals on Korean beauty brands!

We rounded up some of the most popular (and easiest) souvenirs that you could bring back from Incheon International Airport, namely cosmetics and food.


The selection at the airport may not be as wide as the ones in town, but they still stock up on the best sellers. Here we recommend you some of the latest skincare and beauty releases that you could pick up before flying back to Singapore.

1. Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze facial masks

Souvenirs Incheon airport

Price difference: Approx $25-$35 per 10 pcs in Singapore V.S. $15-$20 per 10 pcs in Korea

Innisfree masks have always been popular among the masses, but this one is smokin’ hot. These cooling facial masks come in so many different flavours you’re bound to find one that’s catered to your skin woes. Also, these mask packs are so easy to slip into your luggage before checking in.


2. Etude House x PONY Play 101 Contour Duo

Souvenirs Incheon airport

Price difference: $24 in Singapore V.S. $17-$20 in Korea

Contouring and highlighting are the makeup rage these days, and famed Korean makeup artist PONY has collaborated with Etude House for the Play 101 Stick. Grab a bunch of these magical sticks that are sold out in Singapore, and give them out to your girlfriends as souvenirs — they’ll love it!
Alternatively, if you’re stuck in Singapore, get travellers to bring it back for you here!

3. Missha x LINE Friends Magic Cushion 

Souvenirs Incheon airport

We can never have enough of the LINE Friends merchandise, can we? Pick these up at the Missha counter as a practical and adorable souvenir for friends.


4. Skinfood Snoopy Hand Cream

Souvenirs Incheon airport

How cute are these little tubes of hand cream? These don’t come in bulky packaging as well, so they’re really handy to pack and carry along. Check out the full collection here.


Food & Snacks 

If you know that your loved ones at home prefer authentic Korean snacks as souvenirs, these foodstuff are your best bets! They are what Korea is most known for, and you can definitely find them at Incheon International Airport’s duty free stores.

5. Honey Butter Chips 

Souvenirs Incheon airportSource: takolivia

We don’t blame you if can’t get enough of these — they’re practically the epitome of on-point Korean souvenirs now! Stock up on these on your way back, and chomp on some on the way too.

6. Seaweed

Souvenirs Incheon airport

These make for perfect snacks as well as souvenirs! Pick the different flavoured seaweed up from the snack stores in the airport and let your loved ones have their pick.

7. Red Ginseng

Souvenirs Incheon airport

Ginseng snacks make good gifts for the older generation. Thrill them with snacks that promote health and longevity – you can get them as little crunchy tidbits, or in tea sachets.


Fret not if you want these Korean goods, but are not in the country now. Simply get one of Airfrov’s travellers to bring them back for you! All you have to do is put up a request with the items that you want on Airfrov, like how these other users did!


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