Do you know that there is a winery in South Korea?

South Korea Winery, Wine Tasting

Sanmeoru Winery, located in Paju City, South Korea has been cultivating wild grape in an eco-friendly way since 1979.

While famous for producing high quality goods, it is also well known for its hands-on activities such as the winery tour, wild grape product making , and harvesting where everyone can have tons of fun and share great memories together.

Being a wine lover, I was privileged to have a chance to visit this famous winery.

One of the three activities I did in the winery is making my own wine at the Wild Grape Winery Tour!

Learnt a lot about the winery, the wine cave and the process of making a wine!
In the middle of the tour, we had a chance to bottle our wine and customise our very own wine with our picture on it.

South Korea Winery, Wine Tasting


South Korea Winery, Wine Tasting

South Korea Winery, Wine Tasting

Talking about my favourite activity will be wine tasting.

We tried 2 types of wine, the dry and the sweet one! I personally love the dry wine:D A bottle of wine is around 15,000won(18Sgd).

South Korea Winery, Wine Tasting

However, my favourite will be their grape juice, no alcohol at all! I fell in love with it upon trying and end up becoming like an aunty , getting it over and over again!

Besides those 2 kinds of wine, what surprise me is that they also sell wild grape brandy at 48,000won(57 Sgd)!

South Korea Winery, Wine Tasting

Do note, prior reservation is needed before visit.
Check out this website for more information:…

Address: 67-1, Gaekhyeon 1ri, Jeokseongmyeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do
Directions: Take a subway from Seoul to Munsan Station->Bus No. 92-> JeokSeong Terminal-> Taxi(10mins) to Sanmeoru Farm
Home Page:


P.S. you must be wondering what does the word “meoru de Seo” printed on the wine bottle means. According to the staff, it actually mean “drink it even when you are in a far away land”.