To call Song Joong Ki a breakout star would be an understatement. This 30 year old actor shot to fame after his role in the hugely viral television series ‘Descendants of The Sun’. Since then, the heartthrob has graced the cover of numerous famous magazines including the likes of Elle, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, and has stocked up a growing list of endorsement deals. From beauty products to the aviation industry, it seems Song is all set to take over the world.


And for those who might have caught a case of the Joong Ki fever and are itching to lay their hands on some of his endorsed items, here’s a list (it’ll probably grow as we speak) of some products he has lent his boyish charms to. Beware, this is going to be a Song Joong Ki heavy article.  


Image: Forencos

It seems like Song Joong Ki’s honest and clean image is the perfect representation of Forencos, a Korean cosmetic brand with an eco-friendly focus. Apart from staying hydrated with their Aqua Connection Cream, die-hard fans will be happy to know that they can stay connected with their idol everyday of the week with the seven day mask pack.

Image: Forencos

Each mask pack boast different features (and faces of the heartthrob) – ranging from Sunday’s Black Pearl mask for keeping your skin glowing and bright to Thursday’s restorative and soothing Tea Tree mask and Tuesday’s Volcanic Ash which can help in reducing your pores. Get yours here.


Image: Ruhens

More than just a pretty face, Song Joong Ki is also a health advocate in Ruhen’s water purifier. In the commercial, the actor talks about how staying hydrated and drinking enough water helped him with his health. The ultra filtration system will make sure that your water is free from any harmful bacteria. 


song joong ki endorsement

Image: Song Joong kiTH

It seems like Song Joong Ki knows the way into everyone’s heart. I know my mother would love to get one of this rice cooker that has the actor fronting the brand. He sure is wriggling his way into charming the entire nation. One of this and its Diamond-finish bowl and you’ll be able to cook fluffy grains suitable for some bibimbap every time. 

4. LG Perioe Pumping Toothpaste

song joong ki endorsementImage: Video screengrab

The secret to Song Joong Ki’s winning smile might just be in the toothpaste that he uses. Fronting the brand and their line of pump toothpaste, you know what how to achieve the same set of pearly white as him.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 11.51.02 pm

Watch him here as he introduces a lazy person’s dream to oral health while flashing his winning smile. Say goodbye to the struggle of having to squeeze that last drop of toothpaste out from the tube. With this pumping toothpaste that come in cool mint, citrus and herb flavours, brushing your teeth is now a breeze.


song joong ki endorsementImage: TOPTEN10

You can now own a piece of Song Joong Ki. Guys who wish to exude the same charm as him can look to TOPTEN10, a Korean fashion apparel brand. Rock the same effortless street chic with fashion staples like jeans and tshirts.  

song joong ki endorsementImage: TOPTEN10

Shop through the exact pieces that he modelled in or choose from the brand’s other fashionable pieces that’ll have you looking like a k-pop idol. The brand also carry a stylish range of women’s clothing so no one will get left out in this Song Joong Ki craze.

6. Beautiful Skin Project

song joong ki endorsement Image: Elle Korea

More than just a face which the camera adores, this actor/ model is also an author. In his book titled ‘Beautiful Skin Project’, he shares health and beauty tips on how to achieve his smooth-as-butter complexion and even let you in on some of his skincare regime secrets. The book might be in a foreign language but the pictures of him inside will elicit the same tender infatuation no matter where you’re from.

7. Dongwon Tuna

song joong ki endorsementImage: Dongwon

If it’s good enough for this charismatic actor, it has to be good enough for everyone. It seems like companies are flocking to Song Joong Ki for endorsement deals, and Dongwon canned tuna is one of them.

song joong ki endorsementImage: Dongwon

Dedicated to feeding the people with nutritious food, the canned tuna is versatile and comes packed with nutrients like DHA. Even the busy actor gave it a lip-smacking approval.

Having a case of the Song Joong Ki fever? Curb it by having travellers returning to Singapore to help you get it just like what some of our users did!

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