Sneakers are like denim jeans, they never go out of trend. You don’t have to be a T shirt-jeans-sneakers kind of girl to enjoy wearing sneakers; even a stiletto-loving girl would unwind¬†with a pair of sneaker every once in a while! To help my fellow sneakerheads, I have compiled 8 different sneaker brands that are suited for different personalities and style!

1. Vans x Nintendo

Vans and Nintendo came together this year to celebrate the early days of video gaming. Vans’ classic slip ons are decorated with iconic Nintendo characters – Princess Peach, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Brothers, Zelda etc. For every gamer girl and boy, these pairs of Vans sneakers must be a dream come true. If you’re afraid of looking childish, your best defence is that you’re simply young at heart ūüôā

Quirky Sneakers for sneakerheads - vans x nintendo

Vans x Nintendo Princess Peach (SGD$88)



Quirky Sneakers for sneakerheads - vans x nintendo Vans x Nintendo (SGD$88-$101)


Quirky Sneakers for sneakerheads vans x nintendoVans x Nintendo (SGD$88-$101)



Axel Arigato’s sneakers are clearly chic and timeless, and will go well with almost every outfit! My favourite series of Axel Arigato’s sneakers would be the clean 90 Laceless; You can enjoy the¬†convenience of having no laces to tie, and at the same time, relish in the aesthetic appeal of this laceless futuristic shoe. I foresee myself purchasing a pair of Axel Arigato’s to replace my Stan Smith sneakers that are sadly worn to death ūüôĀ

Quirky Sneakers for sneakerheads axel arigato

Nude Full Grain Leather (USD$225) and White Leather with Metallic Heel (USD$205)


Quirky Sneakers for sneakerheads axel arigato

Grey Suede Platform Sneaker (USD$190) and Cap Toe Sneaker in Suede (USD$185)


3. KEDS x Kate Spade New York

If you want a feminine look, but at the same time, dread the hours of discomfort in a pair of high heels, the KEDS x Kate Spade New York collection would be perfect for you. I am not kidding when I say that every pair of shoe in this collaboration is superbly stylish! I NEED the pair of Champion Glitter sneakers, every outfit will look so fabulous with this pair. :'(

Besides, you can even don this gorgeous pair of Champion Glitter on your wedding day. Not only will you escape the haunting pain that comes stilettos, you can also begin the trend of having a sneaker wedding! Who ever said that brides have to stick to their Jimmy Choos!

Quirky Sneakers for sneakerheads keds kate spade

KEDS x Kate Spade NY Champion Glitter (‚ā¨80)


Quirky Sneakers for sneakerheads keds x katespade

KEDS x Kate Spade NY Kickstart (‚ā¨85), Tripe Raffia (‚ā¨90) and Triple (‚ā¨60)


4. SUPERGA x Liberty Art Fabrics

Every sneakerhead has told me that SUPERGA shoes should be your go-to footwear brand! Its¬†minimalistic sneakers are a hit with many sneaker lovers. However, if you are born artsy fartsy and have a special distaste for conformation, these pairs of SUPERGA sneakers are perfect for you. The prints on these shoes are gorgeous, and will help¬†you stand out from everyone’s plain blue or white SUPERGA sneakers!

Quirky Sneakers for sneakerheads superga

SUPERGA 2750 Liberty (£55.00)


5. Taylor Swift for KEDS

If you’re a fan of the Swift, be prepared to burn a hole in your wallet! This shoe collection by KEDS was entirely inspired by Taylor Swift’s style, and each sneaker comes with a Taylor Swift charm!

My personal favourite would definitely be the Taylor Swift 1989 Champion sneaker. A blue KEDS sneaker topped with seagulls, embroidered with the ‘1989’ characters on its heels and complimented with a TS charm – what more can any T Swift fan ask for? The temptation to buy these sneakers are so strong, I can’t shake it off.

The Taylor Swift x KEDS sneakers¬†are so on-point, and really screams T Swift! It’s a love story¬†(when it comes to these sneakers),¬†baby, just say yes!¬†

Quirky Sneakers for sneakerheads KEDs Taylor swift

KEDS x Taylor Swift Champion Dot (‚ā¨30)


Quirky Sneakers for sneakerheads KEDS x taylor swift

KEDS x Taylor Swift 1989 Champion, Champion Metallic Heart and Champion Anchor (‚ā¨20-40)


6. Adidas Relace Low

The Adidas Relace Low will debunk all notions that sneakers are only reserved for boys. These Adidas sneakers are¬†incredibly chic and feminine! The lace bows compliments the sneaker so well, and creates an entire new look for Adidas’ low cut sneakers. The few pairs of sneakers featured here are my personal favourites, but there are many other colours that are available! Check out¬†the¬†other designs that our Airfrov users are requesting for (click here!).

Quirky Sneakers for sneakerheads adidas relace low

Adidas Relace Low in Corduroy and Flower (¥4266-8100)


7. Grace Gift Tsum Tsum sneakers

If you’re looking for something that’s more cute than chic, these Tsum Tsum sneakers will satisfy your desire. They are decorated with adorable Tsum Tsum characters that¬†will make anyone’s day! If you’re a fan of Disney, you definitely can’t miss out on the exclusive Disney Tsum Tsum sneakers! Just by looking at the Lot-so & Hamm The Piggy Bank Tsum Tsum Sneakers, I am reminded of my childhood spent watching Toy Story.

Quirky Sneakers for sneakerheads grace gift tsum tsum

Lot-so & Hamm The Piggy Bank Tsum Tsum Sneakers (NTD$1680)



 Mixed Characters, Monsters Inc, Piglet and Mickey Mouse Tsum Tsum Sneakers (NTD$1680)


8. Diadora

Diadora shoes are known for their comfortable canvas material, suede touches and unisex designs. It gets even better, as iconic actor Song Joong Ki has donned a pair of Diadora Unisex Heritage sneakers himself! If the shoe is good enough for our Oppa, it is good enough for us!


Quirky Sneakers for sneakerheads diadora

Diadora Unisex Heritage Shoe in Navy¬†(‚ā¨200)


Quirky Sneakers for sneakerheads diadora

Diadora Unisex Heritage Shoe (‚ā¨200), B.Elite Florida (‚ā¨212.00), Exodus Flamingo (‚ā¨218), Trident Geometric (‚ā¨206)