You just spent the most amazing 10 days soaking in Japan’s Sakura blossom, endless shopping and fresh sashimi. Arriving at Japan’s airport, reality hits you that you’re going back home. You stare right down at your luggage, only to discover that you’ve completely forgotten to buy gifts for family and colleagues back home. Overwhelmed with guilt, you panicked and scour for what Japanese snacks to buy at the airport.

Does this sound familiar to you? Fortunately for us, Japan’s airports stock ups the most interesting snacks and delicacies you can find. Keep this list with you; it’s going to be handy! Once you’ve got the crave, you’ll know where to go to get them.


kitkat japan snacks
kitkat flavors



Did you know that Kitkat has introduced more than 200 flavors since year 2000? Kit Kat’s Japanese pronounication kitto katto, sounds like kitto katsu, which translates “to surely win”. Some unique flavors you can find include cheesecake, matcha, sakura and chilli.
Found at: drug stores, convenience stores, Narita or Haneda Airport



tokyo banana Japan snack
Tokyo Banana Roar


Tokyo Bananas
This sponge cake filled with banana custard is probably the No.1 “must buy” item whenever one travels to Japan. Due to its short life span of 7 days, it’s recommended to purchase it on the last day of your trip. Besides the original flavor, Tokyo banana uses various spots to differentiate flavors such as caramel banana custard and chocolate banana custard. An original box of 8 that costs ¥1029 (SGD $11.40) in Japan, can be found at Singapore’s snack retailers for almost 3 times the price! For those who know our shopping hack, get your hands on them here!
Found at: convenience stores, Narita or Haneda Airport



Shiroi Koibito Japan Snack
Shiroi Koibito 8 pcs


Shiroi Koibito

Shiroi Koibito, which means “white lover” is a European styled cookie sold by a Japanese confectionery based in Hokkaido. Sandwiched between two squared-shaped “langue de chat”, Shiroi koibito white refers to white chocolate and Shiroi Koibito black refers to milk chocolate filling. If you’re travelling to Hokkaido, you can also visit Shiroi Koibito Park to customize your own cookie! Those who tried claims that the smooth cookie melts in your mouth, you got to taste it for yourself! A box of 18 pieces cost ¥1110 (SGD $12.30), our travellers can help you to bring it back!
Found at: Hokkaido and Narita Airport
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Jaga Pokkuru Japan Snack
Jaga Pokkuru


Calbee’s Potato Farm Jaga Pokkuru (potato stick)
This potato stick is so popular that it has restrictions of maximum 5 boxes per person at the airport. Why is it that good you may ask? It’s made from famous Hokkaido potatoes and roasted with sea salt from Lake Saroma. Lightly salted, crunchy and buttered, Jaga Pokkuru from Calbee retails at ¥840 (SGD $9.30).



YOKU MOKU Cigare Japan Snack


Yoku Moku Cigare

Inspired by French confectionery, Cigare here refers to cigarette. “YOKU MOKU Cigare has the ideal combination of sweet taste, light and crunchy bite, and melt-in-your-mouth biscuity goodness”, is how Product Development manager at OKU MOKU production facility in Tokyo described this snack. Made with all natural ingredients with no preservatives or additives, expect a splendid light butter-vanilla taste.
Found at: Departmental stores, Haneda Airport



Squeeze as much as you can into your luggage because they are so worth the money and calories. Or if you can, prepare a luggage solely for Japanese snacks! If you’re not travelling to Japan anytime soon, our community at Airfrov have frequent travellers coming back from Japan weekly. Put up your request and they’ll bring it back to you!






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