All Apple fans would undeniably be waiting for the brand’s new product coming this September, accompanied by the new iOS 12. Would you be interested in purchasing an iPhone that was introduced to the market some 9 years ago? In 2018, they are reintroducing the iPhone 3GS Korea!

South Korea’s telecom company – SK Telecom will be releasing the iPhone 3GS! It is set to hit the new online store – SK Seven online mobile mall by end of June! It’s yet to be released but Airfrov has received over 6 requests for it!

cr: SK Telcom

Honestly speaking, it has been awhile since these phones were manufactured (2009 to be exact!) and was discontinued back in 2012. I guess those who purchase are gonna spend a hard time looking for spare parts or repairs if it ever fails on them…

The iPhone 3GS Korea is said to be sold with its original packaging and accessories (Hey there earphone jacks!!!). It is to note that the phone will be running on iOS 6. You know what that means. Your most utilised applications and functions such as Facebook, Airdrop, etc., will not be able to run on this handset. 

It would be apt to say that this smartphone is not much different from a ‘dumb’ phone!


Remember back when iPhone requires you ‘Push/Slide to Unlock’? YES! It will still be sporting the nostalgic ‘Push to Unlock’ function, and will require its users to insert Standard sized SIM cards. So you futuristics, you’ll need a SIM adaptor to insert nano SIMs if you intend to get it!

Under the hood, you are looking at a 600MHz processor and 8/16/32 GB of internal memory. The front display measures at 3.5 inches corner to corner. But heads-up, there will not be a front-facing camera. Selfies are definitely going to be tricky!

So why are Singaporeans requesting for an iPhone that was manufactured 9 years ago? The iPhone 3GS Korea will be selling for only 44,000 Korean Won (Approximately $54 SGD). $54 SGD for a functioning handset? Why not! It’s obviously going to be a conversation starter! Be it purchasing it for your own use, or to keep it aside to complete your line of iPhone collection, the price is worth it!

If you’re not travelling to Korea anytime soon (especially when these items run out of stock really quickly), fret not, just Airfrov it! Simply post a request or copy another user’s request using the “I Want This Too” button using this link!

update: It’s currently sold out! Stay tune for any possible restock!


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