Christmas is a particularly exciting time in the beauty world with all of these collaborations and limited editions coming out, but probably one of the most hyped is the Shu Uemura Holiday Super Mario Bros. Collection 2017. All gamer girls and kawaii girls will definitely have this collection as part of their holiday wish lists! Here are some of our favorites from the collection.

Every swipe of the rouge unlimited supreme matte lipstick will feel like an adventure with its pink limited edition Super Mario Bros. packaging. This comes in three varied shades of playful pink – good for any kind of day.

If you want a more sheer finish, go for the rouge unlimited sheer shine lipstick instead for a “princess-like sheer veil.” These come in two limited edition shades that you must get your hands on stat!

It comes to no surprise that Princess Peach takes the spotlight in this collection, and Shu Uemura made a special eye and cheek palette dedicated to the gaming icon. With playful names like “Super Star,” “Super Mushroom,” and “Fire Flower,” using this will be just as fun as playing the actual game. Hopefully, they’ll have a restock very soon.

The dual stamp-me liner is not just your ordinary eyeliner. The other end has a star stamp that you can apply at the end of your “wing” or just any spot on your face that you feel needs a little bit of a “sparkle.”

The fresh cushion blush’s packaging is just so adorable! The Japanese brand decided to bring back their well-loved cushion blush in the best way possible. The two shades, “dreamy mauve” and “brave amber,” are versatile and natural looking.

Shu Uemura’s cult favorite eyelash curler is now cuter than ever with the invincible superstar premium curler! We’re actually surprised this hasn’t sold out yet, but this is something we all want to have in our make up kits.

Lastly, we’re loving the adventure makeup box since cute makeup deserves an equally cute home. Its 80s pixel design makes it a must-have item whether you’re a makeup fan or not.

Check out the official website and if you find something you like from the collection place a request using Airfrov to get the range before its release in Singapore later this year !

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