The humidity of Singapore’s weather may sometimes leave our hair looking frizzy and lifeless. And when things get too out of control, sometimes even our most conditioning of shampoos and conditioners aren’t able to save our mane. This is where a solid, heavy-duty hair mask comes into play.

If you’ve yet to hear of the TSUBAKI Premium Repair Hair Mask (by Shiseido), we’re sure you’ll definitely be impressed by what the haircare treatment can do for your mane. First off, the hair mask promises a salon-like experience with equally amazing salon-like results, at a fraction of the price and in the comforts of your home.

The product makes use of the latest innovation in hair treatments — the Cell Membrane Complex, allowing the mask to deeply penetrate our hair cells to provide and lock in nutrients. That’s not even all; the mask contains the highest concentration of TSUBAKI’s signature Japanese camellia oil that’ll not only repair and condition, but also add natural shine to your mane.

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