Fans of the Pablo cheesecake from Japan rejoice! The legendary confectionary most famed for their cheesecake has just launched a new seasonal flavour – Pablo Uji Matcha Cheese Tart!

For the uninitiated, Pablo is one of the most popular cheesecake factory in Japan, with waiting time of average 30 mins. Their signature cheesecake comes in “raw” & “medium” option, which is similar to our preference for wellness of steaks.  Choose between oozing, creamy raw cheese, or medium for slightly firm and moist cheese filling.







The new Pablo Uji Matcha Cheese Tart

Available from 15 Mar – 14 June 2016, ¥1200 each

Pablo uji matcha cheese tart

Using Uji Matcha from Kyoto, the seasonal addition promises a delightful bittersweet experience for matcha lovers. Pablo also included red beans, a perfect complement to uji matcha that is originally bitter.

Pablo uji matcha cheese tart

(Pablo Uji Matcha Cheese Tart, ¥1200)

Pablo can be found in Kobe & Osaka in Japan, as well as Seoul & Taiwan. For us Singaporeans who had a taste of Pablo in Japan, or have heard so much about it, were lucky to get a taste of the original cheesecake via the help of travellers.



Having gone through thousand miles and 7 hours of flight, it’s amazing how our user Jaslyn still managed to get a perfect looking shot of her Pablo cheesecake.

If you would like to try out the matcha cheese tart that’s available from March to June’16 only, copy my request below!

Pablo uji matcha cheese tart request


If you’re new to Airfrov, here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for an account on Airfrov
  2. Click on the “+ I want this too” button on pablo cheesecake.
  3. Input the price you’re willing to pay for the cheesecake
  4. Traveller will offer to buy for you directly from Japan
  5. Collect the cheesecake from Airfrov office or arrange for courier




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Image source: Pablo