We’ve all heard of Tamagotchi, and the characters from Sanrio need no introduction either. This April however, Sanrio will be collaborating with Tamagotchi to bring a slight twist to our favourite childhood game – Tamagotchi Mix x Sanrio.

Rather than the regular Tamagotchi characters, now you’ll be able to play and take care of your favourite Sanrio characters. And the best part of the Tamagotchi Mix x Sanrio? We can now create fusion characters between Tamagotchi and Sanrio characters.


Tamagochi Mix x Sanrio Characters


The latest collaboration also includes 3 limited edition areas that you can explore, My Melody’s home, Puroland and Kiki and Lala’s home! The device will also feature themed mini games with your favourite characters as the focus.


Tamagochi Mix x Sanrio Worlds



Tamagotchi Mix x Sanrio is expected to launch in Japan on 15th April. While there’s no news on whether it’ll be coming to Singapore, that doesn’t mean you cant’t still get your hands on one. Just place a request on Airfrov and a traveller will bring this childhood favourite back for you!

(We hope that you’re able to read Japanese though, because we believe the game only comes in Japanese language.)


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Image Sources: tamagotch.channel