Sanrio Desktop Cleaners
We may have the habit to wash our cars weekly, wash our hands every time we visit the bathroom, clean the mirrors once in a blue moon… but we never had the habit to clean the electronics we use daily. This includes our mobile phone & desktop. Are you feeling guilty now?

For most of us, desktops or laptops are where we work on majority of the day. However, it’s hard to give it a good “clean-up” due to the small spaces in between the keyboard buttons.

What if there is a cute little robot that will remind you to do so daily?

This series of cute little Sanrio desktop cleaners caught our attention! Just imagine Gudetama or Hello Kitty working on your keypad & desk every morning!
Sanrio Desktop Cleaners


sanrio desktop cleanersSanrio Desktop Cleaners



Check out how it works!


Available in 13 different designs:
Sanrio Desktop Cleaners

We found them at these stores:
Teleport market place :香港葵涌大連排道42-46號貴盛工業大廈二期一樓H9室
Mekogiftland: 深水埗西九龍中心2樓215舖 (綠仙子台式餐廳對面)

If we get to display all 13 designs in our office, our office will be such a lively place!

Want to own it? Get Airfrov traveller to tumpang back for you!
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Requires 2 x AA battery to work
Images & video credits: unwirehk, teleportmarketplace facebook page