The dream combination we all have been waiting for is finally here! In celebration of Samyang’s 1 billion sales of Hot Chicken flavour ramyeon, they just released their limited edition instant noodle called Carbo bokkeummyeon (까르보 불닭볶음면)! It’s inspired by cream carbonara and Carbo is actually referring to Carbonara.

There’s already high demand for it in both Korea and Singapore even though it was just officially released earlier this month.

You’ll be given two packets of sauce – one cheese cream base and the other is the famous spicy sauce we’re all familiar with.

After boiling and draining the noodles, mix it with both the spicy sauce and cheese sauce!

If you’re worried that it won’t be spicy anymore, don’t worry, everyone is saying that it’s still as spicy but with a aftertaste of savoury light creamy cheese to it.

Yum! I’m hungry already just by looking at all the pictures!

Feel free to add any ingredients and customize your noodle. We will recommend adding a sunny-side up and some sausages to complete the meal.

You can only get this limited edition noodle from South Korea’s marts and there’s still no news of it yet in Singapore but why wait? With Airfrov, post a request and a traveller will bring this back for you! Be the first to try Samyang’s limited edition Carbo noodle and challenge your friends!

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Watch our video here about Samyang Carbo noodles:

Airfrov: Samyang Spicy Carbo Ramen

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Posted by Airfrov on Thursday, 21 December 2017