The revolutionary activewear brand RUMI X have been making headlines for all the right reasons. The brand from Hong Kong has one of the most unique concepts imaginable – one that takes grinded up coffee beans and recycled plastic to form some of the most aesthetically pleasing and comfortable female fitness wear available!

The Yoga wear brand that stands out in every way possible…

The use of sustainable materials such as recycled plastic bottles and upcycled coffee grounds is not the only thing that’s got RUMI X standing out from the crowd. All of the items from RUMI X are finished with a super soft hand feel, 4-way stretch, breathable and sweat-wicking properties, that are designed and tested for various activities from yoga, to HIIT, to boxing and running!

The key to their high quality products is in the close relationship they have with their factories and garment makers -assuring that the brand’s image, value and qualities are communicated every step of the way. Not only possessing quality in the fabric but they are also some of the best looking active wear on the market today. With their vibrant prints paired with core collections, the brand helps in empowering active women globally to wear sustainably produced fashion that can be work just as well in the studio as it does on the street!


Not just a pretty exterior, Rumi X wear are absolutely comfortable…

Comfort is a must when it comes to fitness wear, and this is not something that’s eluded RUMI X when it comes to their production. The brand for example designs their leggings with a high, wide waistband to optimise your comfort during workouts. And ultimately it’s the soft and stretchy dynamic fabric that moves easily with you whether you’re hiking mountains, striving for your personal best or cooling down after hot yoga session. All of RUMI X’s fabrics are finished with comfort and fit in mind.

How their customers feel…

Ultimately the customer is at the heart of any business and with RUMI X that’s no exception. They told us that each time their customers tries on their product, they are always pleasantly surprised by how comfortable and soft the materials are. And of course when they realise how the items are made and where from,  they totally appreciate the ethical and eco ethos behind the brand.

How it’s made: The process behind the magic…

Water bottles -> Fabrics

Water bottles are collected and sent to a recycling facility where the conversion process of turning waste into wearable fabric begins.

Coffee Grounds -> Fabrics

Coffee grounds are collected from coffee shops to a recycling facility where the magic happens and waste turns to re-usable goods.

Popular selections from the brand…

Kindle Tank Top – White, Black and Navy

Seek Leggings + Bra

Rising Leggings 

Wanderer Legging

Sight Mirror Bra

Are you as impressed as we are by the Eco friendliness and attractiveness of the brand’s collection? You can place an order for RUMI X’s range via Airfrov’s spree at the link below!

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