*This post is a guest-blog by Airfrov user, Alicia*

Being someone who absolutely loves and enjoys food, especially sweet stuff, you can bet that I will always be checking out the request page at Airfrov, finding out the latest raves and craves. Yes, I am always scrolling down the page, all the while fighting against myself to not place another order. Yet.

Recently, I have noticed that the number of requests for this delicious honeycake has risen significantly.

foodImage: Airfrov website

Why the hype, you may ask. I was wondering too, and decided to give it a go.

Fortunately for me, I have a friend who brought this back from the land down under. (Please pardon the poor photography skills.)




I was honoured to be gifted this precious slab of goodness. Thanks to my heroic resistance, and of course people nagging at me to cut down on sweets (as if!), this slab managed to last me three days.

According to the Honeycake’s website, the cake can be stored in room temperature or in the refrigerator, for roughly ten days. It can be stored longer with proper storage methods. The longer you store the cake, the softer it will be, so for the people who prefer softer cakes do let your cake sit in the refrigerator for a longer period of time.

Now back to the cake.

Consider this: Soft, honey flavoured sponge alternating with smooth, rich caramel and topped with crushed nuts. With a walnut. The cake, when eaten at room temperature, melts in your mouth, and a slice is quickly demolished. In fact, it is easy to devour the entire slab in one sitting.

I did not take a picture of the alternating layers of goodness as my fork was quicker than the camera, so I found pictures from the website.










Images Taken from The Honeycake website

Look at those layers!

This cake is very light, so you do not have to worry about the taste being too rich for your liking. Also, if you are wondering if this has a strong honey taste – it does not. For someone like me who dislikes the smell and taste of honey, this cake sits well on the palate. The taste of caramel does not overwhelm the palate as well; in fact it complements the honey flavoured sponge, thus bringing that mmmmm factor to your taste buds. My sister enjoyed this cake tremendously as well, she had devoured a few slices whilst praising the marriage of flavours repeatedly. Despite the cake being made out of honey and caramel, she shared that the cake was not overtly sweet, unlike what she had thought it would be.  I would say this cake is well worth the hefty price tag and of course, worth a try.

I find that the looks of this cake resembles the Medovik, a kind of Russian honey cake. Of course, having not tried a slice of Medovik before, hence, I can only rely on my eye power to tell the resemblance.

The website only states the prices for large orders, however our friendly Airfrovers have found out that a large box of this (serves 8) retails at AUD 29 (GST included). Stocks can be found in the shop, the markets or at any of the stockists they supply.

If you are heading to the land down under, do grab a box to try! This cake is only available for sales in stores at Perth, currently, THE HONEYCAKE only has two main branches, one in Perth’s CBD Area and the other at Fremantle Market. If you’re lucky, you might be able to catch their booths at some markets over the weekends! Take the chance and “Taste the uniqueness”, as they so aptly put.

If you are not, do not fret, as you can always Airfrov 😉
Just click on the “+” button to copy the requests!
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*This post is a guest-blog by Airfrov user, Alicia*