After scouring Airfrov requests in the food category (what else?), two popular items stood out – Pablo’s cheesy goods and LeTao’s flavored cheesecake. Wondering what the hype is all about, I decided to take a plunge into the world of cheese goods. And I never looked back.

Review of Letao’s Classic cheesecake:

review letao cheesecake singapore

This was the first I tried, having ordered it off Airfrov myself. It came packaged in a circular bamboo box, the cake itself wrapped up like a barrel of cheese – very Instagram worthy.

Unwrapping it sends a seductive whiff of that cheesy goodness, promising me much pleasure.

review letao cheesecake singapore

The cake itself looks unassuming, a small, rather short, circular cake but do not be fooled; it is sooooooo easy to finish it all in one sitting!

Letao Cheesecake closeup


The bottom half is castella cake, with the top half being a silky smooth, light and delicious cheese cream. Finished with castella cake crumb,  it was love at first bite.

review letao cheesecake singapore

Light cheese cream paired with the dense castella cheese cake – a perfect marriage. This is THE cheesecake to rule all, well, maybe except the soufflé cheesecake in my opinion. However, biting into the dense base on its own may get a little overpowering after a while, though this is not the case for the airy top half. Eating the cream alone is great; it melts into nothingness within seconds, giving the same satisfaction of eating a really good tub of ice-cream.

review letao cheesecake singapore
Image credits: LeTao Japan website

Review of Letao’s Matcha & Chocolate cheesecake:

Months after the LeTao’s original cheesecake rendezvous, I travelled to Korea and was delighted to find that there is a LeTao branch in Apgujeong. Without a doubt, it was added into my itinerary.

When I was there, the shop just rolled out a new berry flavored version for summer. Sadly, I did not try it. The cakes there were priced per slice, and they ain’t cheap! After much deliberation, I decided to try the Matcha and Chocolate versions. Both slices arrived neatly plated, with fruits and strawberry sauce artistically placed.

review letao cheesecake singapore

Fortunately for me, I decided to try the Matcha version first.


This is my favorite of the three flavors that I have tried.

The matcha complements the cheese well, and the matcha castella cake base is not overpowering at all (even if you eat it on its own). The smell of cheese was less empowering for this one.

The matcha helps tone down the cheesiness of this cake, and my only complaint is that the matcha taste is too mild. The top half of cream hardly contains the taste of matcha, it tasted like the original version’s albeit in a lighter green tone.

I could easily polish off the entire slice and would have ordered more if not for the hefty price tag. *heart pain*



You can hardly tell that you are eating a cheesecake. In fact, it deceive your taste buds into thinking that they are eating a chocolate cake instead. A quick whiff brought images of chocolate cakes into the mind as well.

The chocolate flavor came across boldly, covering the taste of cheese completely. It is very rich as well, giving the ominous feeling that foretells an imminent nosebleed. However, the rich chocolate flavor mainly came from the base. The cream part is a light milky brown, with a hint of chocolate. It does taste different from the cream of the original version unlike the matcha’s.

This will be the flavor to go for if you are one who dislikes cakes with the smell or taste of cheese, but want to find out the hype regarding LeTao’s cakes.

review letao cheesecake singapore

Overall, LeTao’s cakes are really an ingenious work of art in their combination both castella cake and light delicious cream.  They have branches in countries outside of Japan as well, so do give it a try if you are heading to those countries. If you aren’t, well, there is always Airfrov. 😉


Image source: Letao,  lianggono