Those who know me personally would know that I have a huge arsenal of liquid lipsticks in my beauty stash. I am, after all, a huge (matte) lipstick junkie and have let my lips undergo many tried-and-tested swatches from various brands.

But there is one particular label that will always hold a special place — and that’s Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I have tried drugstore brands like Maybelline and Colourpop, mid-range ones like NYX, to higher-end ones like M.A.C, OFRA, Beauty Bakerie and Jouer, and even the coveted Kylie Lip Kits.

So I guess I have a pretty good gauge when it boils down to whether a liquid lipstick has what it takes to be a Holy Grail product, and Jeffree Star nailed it. I’ll be going through the several features of what makes the indie brand my all-time-favourite.

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1. Endless Color Options

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If it’s ANYTHING that you can count on Jeffree Star, it’ll be the huge colour selection that his brand has to offer. And I’m not even talking about colours in the same family — such as pinks, nudes and browns — the brand goes ALL OUT and has the most unconventional of shades such as Tiffany Blue (Breakfast At Tiffany’s), purple (I’m Royalty), yellow (Queen Bee), and even white (Drug Lord).

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So if you’re one of the braver souls who has no qualms about experimenting with colours, you’ll definitely have no issues picking out a bold shade. But for the more conservative beauty junkies like myself, Jeffree Star Cosmetics stocks an equally wide array of wearable colours, from nudes to darks. My favourites are Androgyny, Mannequin, Celebrity Skin and Unicorn Blood.

2. Smooth Texture

I am very picky when it comes to liquid lipsticks, and my standards are even higher when it comes to lippies with higher prices. Liquid lipsticks by Jeffree Star have a slightly runny consistency — they aren’t the creamy kinds. But don’t be fooled by the formula of the lipstick; one swipe (yes, just one!) is all you need to achieve an opaque coverage.

Plus, they feel extremely lightweight on the lips and doesn’t weigh you down, unlike some other brands that I’ve tried. You’ll almost forget that there’s even lipstick on your lips!

That said, while I did mention that one swipe is enough to cover your entire lips, should you feel that you want another layer, go ahead and put it on! The lipsticks layer beautifully — the new layer blends in well with the previous one so that your lips don’t feel gloopy and chunky.

3. Longevity like no others 

This would probably be the most important determining factor for liquid lipsticks. Who has to time to constantly touch up after just a small bite? Certainly not me. Which is all the more why I love Jeffree Star so much.

These liquid lipsticks hardly budge! I’ve worn them through different meals, be it curry, noodles, desserts etc. The darker shades will gently fade off to a light tint in the middle of your lips (but nothing that looks atrocious) and the nude shades stayed on like a dream.

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Also, the lipstick doesn’t not flake off. Flaking is possibly the worst thing that could happen in an inconvenient situation, because that means chunks of lipstick are peeling off your lips in random places, leaving with you bare spots that isn’t exactly the most attractive. Jeffree Star’s Velour lipsticks fade off, so that you can easily touch up later on.

The liquid lipsticks do not transfer as well, so no worries about leaving lipstick stains!

4. Hot Pink Packaging

Now, the packaging may not be everyone’s cup of tea, considering that it is very flamboyant and attention-grabbing. But for me, I feel that the hot pink and bold stars reflect the founder’s personality well, and that’s what a brand should strive to achieve.

Jeffree Star himself is bright, bold, beautiful, and that’s his vision for his cosmetic brand.

The lipstick casing itself is made of quality plastic that has some weight to it, and that feels super luxurious. The wand is also transparent, with a fluffy doe-foot applicator (the best in my opinion) that grabs on to the perfect amount of product needed.

Then there is the “safety-lock” feature, where when you twist the lipstick tube shut, there will be a slight click that shows that the tube is securely closed. This is something that not many liquid lipstick brands have.

5. Mid-Range Price Point 

Each Velour Liquid Lipstick retails for US$18 (SG$24.54). I would classify them as mid to high-range, for there definitely are pricier and more affordable liquid lipsticks out there. You get 0.19 oz, which is a decent amount for the the price point. But one thing is for sure: You are paying for quality, and that’s something that I truly believe in. Why pay six dollars for a sub-standard product that you won’t enjoy? Top up a few more dollars to get something that’s top-notch and top-shelf standard!

The lipsticks can only be bought on Jeffree’s official website, and Beautylish.

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