Geometric designs should be nothing uncommon in fashion brands these days — luxury or not — they are clearly a fan-favourite in everyone’s love for maximalist-minimalist designs. And that’s what exactly makes the style so popular; they’re sleek, sharp and fuss-free.

Issey Miyake Bao Bao bag


And when it comes to the classic geometric design, how can anyone not mention the Issey Miyake Bao Bao bag — very possibly the bag the kickstarted the trend, in all its metallic and reflective glory.

But there’s just tiiiiiiny problem: A classic Prism Tote Bao Bao could easily set you back a whopping US$595 (S$829.35). Sure, that’s a designer label that you’re paying for, but that doesn’t mean that it offsets the fact that it’s still a pretty penny that you have to fork out. Let’s face it, not everyone gets to splurge on a S$830 handbag every day.

So when we found out that Spanish brand Purificacion Garcia is offering a somewhat similar Origami Bag at a much lower price, you can bet that we can’t be more excited. Let’s be real here: both bags look essentially the same, with their clean-cut geometric design. What may perhaps be different is the size of the triangles that make up the bag; the one from Purificacion Garcia comes across as a tad larger than the Bao Bao. Both bags lay flat when empty, and concave and bend at different angles when carried and filled with stuff. We have to admit, when you compare apple to apple… the similarity is uncanny.

Purificacion Garcia Colours


What intrigued us too was also the colour offering that the Spanish brand had. Unlike the Bao Bao, which tends to come in monochromatic shades of black, white and grey, the former has some cheery shades of apricot orange, dusty pink, baby blue, on top of the classic black and white. These are perfect for those who wish to add colour to their outfit without sacrificing the chic and fierce trend.

Purificacion Garcia sideview


The best part of it all? A Bolso Shopping Origami tote costs €148, which converts over to be around S$223.06. That’s pretty much a quarter of what you’ll have to pay to get an Issey Miyake Bao Bao!

We won’t say that you’ll be paying for the same thing as the Bao Bao tote when you get the Bolso Shopping Origami , that’s too far a stretch — but we’ll confidently say that if you’re one who’s looking to hop on the geometric trend and are looking for something that’s similar to the Issey Miyake style without having to fork out an arm and a leg, Purificacion Garcia might just be your best bet.

The brand isn’t available in Singapore though, but a quick listing on Airfrov will let travellers bring your goodies back for you from Spain!


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