Beauty junkies out there, it’s time to switch out your beauty blenders. The Pure Smile silicone heart puff has been released in Japan!

Pure Smile Silicone Heart Puff


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Silicone puffs are much more hygienic than beauty blenders as they can be washed regularly with minimal drying time. This is important for us ladies since we don’t want to have breakouts, do we?

The best part about these silicone puffs is they do not absorb your foundation. We all know that our make up products aren’t cheap so this is perfect for minimising product wastage!

💛シリコンパフ💛ってご存知❓ 海外で話題のメイクツール、その名の通りシリコンで出来たパフです✨ クリーム、リキッド状のものならなんでも使えちゃう😳❗️しかもスポンジと違って染み込まないので、少量の下地orファンデーションですみます💖✨ そしてシリコンなので洗って拭いてすぐ使える❗️ずっと清潔❗️❗️お肌にも優しいんです😊💓💕ネクストブレイク間違いなしです🎉🌟 #シリコンパフ #シリコン #メイク #リキッドファンデーション #silicon #make #makeup

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Each Pure Smile silicone heart puff retails at Â¥324 and it comes in 3 different colours – pink, blue and clear.

Want one (or all three) for yourself too?

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