Puma X BTS Court Star

Most popular for hit songs including “Boy in Luv”, “Save Me” and “Blood Sweat & Tears” to name a few, the popular K-POP boyband BTS are also some of the biggest trendsetters in all of Asia!

Once again the boyband has teamed up with sports and fashion powerhouse Puma to launch the impressive Puma X BTS Court Star shoe. The sleek design in flashy white provides a sporty, yet classical feel that makes it an item wearable with all styles and looks (check out the image below).

BTS Court Star

The Puma X BTS Court Star is proving extremely popular in South Korea and is considered one of Asia’s hottest item right now. Unfortunately PUMA Korea do not ship the product overseas however with Airfrov you can get a range of items including the Puma X BTS Court Star from abroad.

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