Say, should you have some extra cash at hand and you do feel like treating yourself to a timeless piece of accessory that can be worn as a statement piece for any occasion, we’ll like to direct your attention to the recently trending Hermès Clic H Bracelet.

Just looking at the bracelet itself and we already have tons of outfit ideas that we know will adequately show off the accessory in all its metal glory. The “H” clasp itself is already a recognisable symbol — so if you’re looking to subtly flaunt a versatile and chic piece of branded good… you can place your all your trust in the Hermès Clic H Bracelet.

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The bracelet comes in four different width sizes — narrow (0.5”), wide (1”), extra wide (1.5”) and mega (2”). Available sizes include PM (7.5” circumference, for small to medium wrists) and GM (8” circumference, for medium to large wrists).

Pick the dainty band should you want a soft, feminine appeal; or go for the extra wide or mega bands for an edgy, rocker chic. Whatever your choice, you can bet that the bracelet is sure to look good.

And that’s not even the fun part of it all! You also get to customise your bracelet right down to the colour of the metal cuff, which comes in silver, gold or rose gold, and even pick the colour of the enamel coating to your liking! Colour selection includes beige rose, violet, bleu de Gênes , orange and the classic black and white. Basically, you can create your very own branded bracelet to your heart’s delight.

But here’s where we want to make your purchase even more value-more-money. The Hermès Clic H Bracelet is readily available in Singapore, but why spend more when you can get the exact same item for cheaper in other countries? Check out the price comparison chart below and make a wise and learned decision before splashing your cash:

(For the sake of standardisation, we will be comparing the prices of the Hermès Clic H Bracelet with narrow width, in colour Noir.)

Price (include tax) Price (in Singapore Dollars – S$)
Singapore S$901
United States (Av. 9%) USD$889 S$889
France €525 S$841
Sweden Skr5,400 S$905
Australia AU$900 S$960

Now, it’s evident that it’s cheapest to purchase the Hermès Clic H Bracelet in France, where Hermès originated from. Prices are at least $50 lower than buying it in Singapore, but we have a special deal for Airfrov users. For a limited amount of time, Airfrov users who take part in the Hermès Clic H Bracelet spree can get their very own arm candy at a whopping price of $699 (before service fee), which means you get to save at least $200!

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