Buying gifts for Mom can be tricky. She may one day love diamonds and Pandora, but other days lament that she’d rather have more “practical” gifts that’ll better benefit the family as a whole. Such a sacrifice is heartwarming and tear-jerking, but… Where exactly do you find these stuff without coming across as stingy? We’re not saying that the basic plastic kitchenware from the mamashop below your block won’t work. But for the amount of effort that our Moms put in for us day in, day out, it’s only right that we pamper them with something a little more extravagant. Even if it means boring “practical” gifts. Here we have some of the most beautiful picks for Mom; and guess what, you might even want them for yourself too.

(Also psst, this Mother’s Day gift guide will be the one that brings you up to the status of “favourite child”!)

1. Petalpress Rolling Pin

Have you seen a prettier rolling pin than this from Missouri-based brand Petalpress?! The blue flower motifs add that touch of vintage to a basic brown rolling pin, while adding the fun back into baking. This will no doubt make for a gorgeous gift for the Moms who are baking enthusiasts, and you might even score some extra treats in the near future.

US$18, available here.

2. Aprons

If it’s one think that I learnt from buying gifts for my Mom, is not to undermine even the simplest of household items. Something really basic, like an apron, can be a good gift when selected properly. My Mom used to don a normal-looking apron from Daiso. But after getting in touch with a quality, and definitely more beautiful one from Takashimaya, she has a new found love for kitchen-wear (pun intended). So what if you’re only gonna be wearing an apron in the kitchen? When you look good, you feel good, and naturally, food that you produce is going to taste better. How’s that for a double whammy?

These two aprons boast some of the most intricate designs that Mom will surely love.

Addia Apron, US$28
Cuisine Couture Apron, US$32

3. Water Bottles

The working Moms will appreciate a hardy water bottle that they can use in the office. Who wants a shabby plastic container that breaks down after a couple of weeks? Try instead these specialty bottles that we’ve picked. The Jardiniere Infuser Water Bottle has a sprightly garden print on, with a little metal bucket diffuser that can be used to store items that you’d want to flavour your water with, such as tea leaves or fruits.

The Perennial Water Bottle, on the other hand, is pretty much a thermal bottle. Beverages can be stored hot or cold, up to 12 hours. Moms who’re coffee-addicts while most definitely find these bottles a useful gift; plus, they come in such eye-catching prints too.

Jardiniere Infuser Water Bottle, US$34
Perennial Water Bottle, US$30

4. Rainbow Pitcher / Glasses

Okay, no need to even bother explaining how crazily beautiful these iridescent glassware are. They all have reflective rainbow accents at the base, which glow under direct sunshine. The drinking glasses are even cut to different shapes at their bases, just to add that extra decorative touch. I am personally obsessed with the diamond-cut one — drinking water (yes, just water!) will never be the same again. These may not seem necessary, but will Momma love you to bits for them? Definitely yes.

Rainbow Pitcher, US$29
Rainbow Teardrop and Diamond Drinking Glass, US$16


5. Bodum ® Chambord Copper 34 Ounce French Press

We all have that one friend who’s crazy obsessed with coffee, he/she is basically a coffee connoisseur. They know the difference between the types of coffee beans, and the different ways to brew the best coffee. Essentially, their knowledge of coffee is more than just your usual kopi-o from the coffeeshop. Well, guess what. You’d be surprised at how much Mom knows about coffee too! Get her this beautiful rose gold French press that has a luxurious copper-plated finish so that she can brew herself fragrant, full-bodied coffee for her everyday coffee fix.

US$50, available here.

6. Le Creuset Spring Collection

Ah yes. Who can ever forget Le Creuset when thinking of purchasing luxurious cooking equipment for Mom? Their Spring Collection is the one to snag up as the perfect Mother’s Day gift — just take a look at how incredibly charming the petal pink set looks. The pots even come with quirky lids, such as a heart-shaped one (personal favourite!) and a flower-shaped one. Moms will never say no to useful gifts such as these, plus if you’re gifting her something as romantic as the Japanese brand’s Spring collection, don’t be surprised if she suddenly starts cooking your favourite dishes ever so often!

¥22,000 – ¥34,000, available here.

While all these gifts may not be available in Singapore, they can still be gifted to Mom successfully with Airfrov! Simply put up a request as to which item you want on Airfrov, and a friendly traveller will have your items brought back for you.

*All images are credited to their respective source websites.