Hands up 90s girls, if you used to carry a Polly Pocket toy around with you as a child! UK fashion shop Truffle Shuffle is known for creating fashion merchandise inspired by different fandoms, and with this pink heart shaped handbag, they’re going full-on nostalgia.

Polly Pocket heart shaped handbag

The bag looks like an exact replica of a Polly Pocket toy, except that its a fully functional handbag! The hard case cross body handbag is available on their website for £37.99.

Polly Pocket Handbag insidePolly Pocket Handbag inside

Scenes from the Polly Pocket toy are printed on the inside of the bag so that every time you open it, you get a glimpse of happy childhood memories. Measuring 19 cm by 23 cm (and 7.3 cm depth), the bag is just the right size for all your essentials. Just what a girl needs (and what a girl wants).

Polly Pocket Handbag

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The bag is available on Truffle Shuffle’s website, but you can avoid paying for exorbitant shipping costs! Simply place a request for this Polly Pocket Heart Shaped Cross Body bag on Airfrov to get travellers to help bring this item back for you.

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