The Paul and Joe brand needs no introduction. La Papeterie – Paul & Joe’s first stationery line, is collaborating with Japanese stationery brand Mark’s. The latest collection epitomizes the upcoming spring season with fresh pastel colours on notebooks and purses, a resemblance to their beauty line. Featuring cat prints in many of their designs, this collaboration is a must-have for cat lovers!

Paul and Joe Papeterie A5 Notebooks

A5: 1296 yen | A6 928 yen
Source: fortune-girl

Paul and Joe La Papeterie has launched notebooks in A5 (Ring binding) and A6 (thread binding) sizes. Both come in the same 3 designs and are just so pretty that they’ll motivate just about anyone to take down notes. Our favourite has to be their range of A6 notebooks. Not only are the designs to die for, the pages are also lined with gold!

Paul and Joe Papeterie A6 Notebooks

Source: @ashdesign_shop and Mark’s Inc

The brand has also launched stationery cases, card cases and document cases. Their designs are so dynamic and timeless that they’re the perfect way to keep your stuff safe while vocalising your personality.

Paul and Joe Papeterie Document Cases

Document case 4,860 yen
Source: @edito365

Paul and Joe Papeterie Pencil case and Card Case

Source: Mark’s Inc

For those looking to revive the practice of letter writing, Paul and Joe Papeterie’s message cards and letter sets would give you the perfect excuse. Their message cards come with a pop-up insert of either sparrows, kittens or butterflies. While the letter sets look unassuming on the outside, their interior is lined with different designs and they come with designed paper as well.

Paul and Joe Papeterie LettersMessage card 583 yen
Source: Mark’s Inc

Paul and Joe Papeterie seems to be upping the standards for masking tape as well with their designed masking tape. They come in 3 different designs and would definitely be more of a pleasure to use compared to the traditional masking tapes.

Paul and Joe Papeterie Masking Tapes

Masking tape 928 yen

Source: @malaylay

They’ve also developed a sticky note set that’s completely precious. Just look at the two peeking out of a cat-shaped hole! If that doesn’t entice you to get your hands on one, I don’t know what will.

Paul and Joe Papeterie Sticky Note Set

Source: @lelme_06

While the collection doesn’t seem to be available in Singapore, you can always place a request on Airfrov! A friendly traveller can help you get your preferred item from Japan!

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Image Source: Mark’s Japan