Paul and Joe Beaute’s back with their latest makeup collection! Their Daydream Believer collection makes full use of bright summery colours and whimsical designs, making it look almost childlike. But that really just make us want the collection even more!



The Daydream Believer collection comes with tinted lip glosses and gel creams that are available in various shades of pink. And since their blushes are made with 80% water, now you can get that rosy summer flush while keeping your skin nice and moisturised.


Paul and Joe daydream believer

Gel Blush
001 Fantasy, 002 Monde Imaginaire, 003 Onirique
Japan: ¥ 4000 each (excluding tax) | Taiwan: NT$1,050

Paul and Joe daydream believer

Tinted Lip Gloss
001 Musings, 002 Figment
Japan: ¥ 2500 each (excluding tax) | Taiwan NT$950


The highlight of this collection has got to be the 3 unique eyeshadow palettes that you can flip open like a book. While rose-shaped blush palettes are trending in the western countries, this palette’s hexagon shades reminds us of dreamy mermaid’s scales. Pick up one colour for a simple day look, or layer them up for the full glow.

Paul and Joe daydream believer

Eye Color Limited
Left to right: 005 Daydream Believer, 006 Head in the clouds, 007 Castles in the Air
Japan: ¥ 4000 each (excluding tax) | Taiwan: NT$1,400

Paul and Joe Daydream believers eyeshadow interior



The Paul and Joe Daydream Believer collection will be launching in Japan & Taiwan on 1st May. Get your hands on them by posting a request on Airfrov, ask our travellers for help!


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source: Paul & Joe Beaute Japan, Vogue Taiwan