Think Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Wedding Anniversary, and Pandora comes to mind. Pandora has been the go-to brand for husbands and boyfriends alike, to impress their other half on special occasions. While you may be eager to buy some bling for your soulmate or yourself, have you ever thought about where to get the best deal?

Even though there are many Pandora boutiques in Singapore today, we did some snooping around and discovered that it may not be the wisest to get your charms and bracelets from local stores. Read on to find out where and how you can get Pandora jewelry for the best deal! 

We have selected a few of the most popular pieces, and compared the prices from different countries for your reference.

Pandora Charms Cheaper - Airfrov Blog

You should be no stranger to the Pandora Charm Bracelet. The minimalistic silver bracelet is almost a staple piece for every Pandora lover out there. Many ladies have been mesmerised by how they can customize their own silver bracelet with their favourite charms! Here comes the most important revelation: The Pandora Charm Bracelet is SGD$40 cheaper in the United States & Australia! 


Pandora Charms Cheaper - Airfrov Blog

The delicate sentiments ring is embellished with diamonds and topped with a decorated bow. It appears to suit women of all ages, and is definitely worth an investment! For this gorgeous piece, it is cheaper in Australia by a whopping SGD$85!

Pandora Charms Cheaper - Airfrov Blog

For the Disney fans, this iconic Cinderella Pumpkin Coach can be added to your silver bracelet, at a price of SGD$101 if you purchase it from the Land Down Under.  Savings: SGD$58!

These are just a selection of the key pieces from Pandora. If you’re looking for other charms or jewelry, we recommend you measure up the prices on the Singapore e-store with Australia’s first!

Once target is confirmed, look for a friend who’s going down under or simply reach out to a traveller on Airfrov!

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