Now, we have all seen the hype of cheese tarts in Singapore. Us Singaporeans seem to love those cheesy morsels of goodness. Ahead of the original baked cheese tarts by BAKE being opened in Singapore, Prima Deli, the Icing Room as well as Antoinette have rolled out their versions of those baked goods, some even advertised as “lava-flowing”.

pablo cheesetart singapore

However, the hype of cheese tarts first hit me in Airfrov. People are placing requests for either rare or medium versions of the Pablo cheesetarts, along with a handful of requests for the mini, baked versions of different flavors.

Image: Pablo Japan

Of course, not one to miss out, I placed an order for the rare version of the original Pablo cheesetart, as well as the matcha flavored mini Pablo cheese tart. Sadly, I did not manage to try the chocolate flavored mini ones as they were sold out by the time my traveler arrived.

Word of warning, though: eating it fresh from the oven will be way better than eating it fresh from the airplane.

Pablo Rare Cheesetart:

Pablo Cheesetart Singapore

When it arrived, the dome has, sadly, collapsed. That does not mean that the taste is affected though, it still tastes good. I couldn’t help but jiggle the tart, and watch the cheese custard wobble around. A quick whiff offered little knowledge of what is contained within.

Pablo Cheesetart Singapore

The tart is unlike any of the cheese tarts you have seen in Singapore. For a start, it has a thin pastry shell instead of those thick ones you see here. The custard oozes in blobs, different from those “lava” ones.

The thin, tart jelly layer reminds me of mango, though I cannot be sure. It is slightly sour as well, something that I am uncertain if it is the way it is meant to taste or if it is due to the way I kept it.

As it has survived a plane ride, the tart shell is no longer crisp, which brings down the overall enjoyment of this tart in my opinion. I am sure that popping it in the oven may help, but I wanted to try the highly raved rare version of the tart. Popping it in the oven may cause the custard to firm, and become more “baked”, something that I wanted to avoid.

That said, the tart still taste good, and is unlike the buttery ones I was used to. It is evident that the main star of the show, or should I say tart, will be the cheese custard.

The cheese custard itself is sticky and thick, the texture of it being similar to the custard used in Beard Papa’s creampuffs. The cheese taste is just nice, not too cheesy, although the tart jelly part provided too much of an overkill for my taste buds.



Matcha Mini Pablo Cheesetarts

Pablo Cheesetart Singapore

Ah, this will be my preferred item from Pablo.

In one sitting, I tried 2; 1 freshly warmed from the oven (dark plate) and 1 cool from the refrigerator (white plate). A quick whiff only provided a hint of sweet matcha, nothing cheesy was detected.

Pablo Cheesetart Singapore

The insides of both look the same, the taste not so. Surprisingly, the cold tart brings the taste of matcha very well whereas the warmed tart only had a hint of matcha taste. Whilst I do like the idea of a warm tart in my belly, the colder version is a winner for me as I do love matcha, and because hey, I bought matcha flavored tarts to taste the matcha right?

Pablo Cheesetart Singapore

The custard used in these mini tarts are firm, probably due to them being baked with the shells. It is a light earthy green color, something that is not really reflected in the pictures I took. However, despite the firm texture they are spongy when bitten into, possibly due to the pockets of air in the custard itself. The cheese flavor itself was somehow muted by the matcha, just the way I like it. The tart shells are thick, which are somewhat similar to those from the Icing Room. Taste wise, they are considerably less buttery than the Icing Room’s. Despite the tart shells being thick, they are not really filling due to the airy custard.


It’s not impossible to bring back the Pablo cheestart from Japan. Check out the other almost-perfect cheesetarts other Airfrov-ers have received:

Overall, Pablo’s bakes are really worth a try especially if you are in the vicinity of their shops.  They have branches in Japan, and in other countries as well, so do give it a try if you are heading to those countries. If you aren’t, well, there is always Airfrov. 😉

pablo cheesecake singapore