There is much that one could tell from a person depending on how they smell. Are they spirited and youthful — reflective of the fruity scents that they love? Or are they dependable and mature, based on the musky notes that they smell of? How a person smells like gives you a glimpse into their individuality, and if you’re observant enough, their personality too — and unlike outward fashion or beauty products, scents are subtle and invisible, which almost makes them seem romantic.

A good bottle of perfume thus makes special gifts. Selecting a suitable perfume — be it for yourself or loved ones — takes patience. There is love in deciding on the perfect scent, which is what makes people fiercely loyal to their favourite perfume after finding “the one”.

But should you still be experimenting and discovering a scent that’s uniquely you, we’d like to entice you to try out the various curious perfumes from OHANA MAHAALO. These particular brand has been crazily popular in Japan recently, and it’s hard to see why not.

To start off, OHANA MAHAALO is being marketed as a gifting product. For yourself, for loved ones, or for friends. Which is precisely the reason why their collection comes in a multitude of various blends, so that you could easily pick and choose your favourite ones.

For example, a fruity scent could be a blend of passionfruit, cassis and peony (Momona Kauuera), while a sweet floral scent could comprise of rose, lilac and jasmine (Rikopurerefua). Of course, if you’re one who’s not into classics, there are also unconventional blends that boast a twist — such as the Lele Manaorana, which has lotus, raspberry and red apple. We’re also interested in the Leia Makarapua, with a blend of white amber, white musk and muguet.

Now, you must be wondering — how is it possible to pick a scent through your computer screen? Fret not, for OHANA MAHAALO has that covered. Each scent comes with a detailed description of what it is reminiscent of, and more importantly, what that particular scent signifies. You could easily pick the most fitting one based on your gifting objectives.

The Perm Vera, for example, reminds one of the palm trees swaying gently in the wind, overlooking the sound of the waves, and an eternal sunset. It’s perfect for beach lovers, or simply people who enjoy the sweet-salty aroma of the sea.

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Packaging is also a huge draw point for the brand, if you have yet to notice. These petite-sized perfumes are elegantly packaged with different dreamy designs that reflects the scent in the bottles. Smelling great is one thing, packaging, on the other hand, is a whole new thing. And OHANA MAHAALO has beautifully nailed both of aspects.

Their Eau de Cologne (1700 yen / S$20.98)  comes in 30ml per bottle, a perfect size for traveling and everyday use. The Solid Perfumes (come in equally gorgeous packaging) retail at 2300 yen / S$28.38. If you’re not into perfumes but still want a whiff of the brand’s blends, there’s always the Fragrance Moisture Cream (1500 yen / S$18.51) that could be used as a body cream to hydrate and perfume as well.

You can get your hands on these products on the brand’s website, but international shipping is sadly not available. Fret not, for your should know the drill by now — simply put up a request on Airfrov and get a friendly traveler to bring your very own OHANA MAHAALO back for you, straight from Japan!

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