#Octobertravels We’re halfway through August, which means it’s time to book that long-awaited vacation in October! But where should you go? With so many activities taking place in October around the world, you’d need Skyscanner to help plan that perfect getaway. With a variety of places to choose from, like exotic Greece and Spain, to somewhere nearer to home like Japan or China, you’ll definitely have a place in mind by the time you reach the end of the list!

Where are the best events in October?

1. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a hip place to be in October. For art and music lovers, the city is a rich cornucopia of pleasure, with its 47th annual jazz festival. Taking place in venues all over town, the festival has something to offer travellers of all budgets. Some of the biggest names in jazz will be in town for this amazing festival. Tickets will sell out quickly, so make sure that you act fast.

What: Barcelona Jazz Festival When: TBC Where: All over Barcelona Website: Barcelona Jazz Festival

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Colourful and artsy buildings in Barcelona October travel

Barcelona bops to the sound of jazz this October.

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2. Athens, Greece

Ohi, Ochi or Oxi Day is celebrated throughout Greece, Cyprus and the Greek communities around the world. This public holiday, commemorating the very firm “No! (Oxi!) of the Greek government to fascist Italy in WWII, is celebrated with military, student and union marches and parades. The Greek flag flies freely on almost every building, and the accompanying revelry is a great way to experience local Greek culture. Weatherwise, the balmy days continue, making it the perfect time to enjoy some souvlaki and ouzo outside after a day of exploring the glories of ancient Athens.

What: Oxi (No) Day When: 28 October Where: All over Greece Website: Oxi Day

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far view of the Acropolis in Athens in the background October travel

Experience the rich history of Greece for yourself

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3. Toronto, Canada

Inspired by the old traditions of Munich, Toronto holds its own Oktoberfest in honour of its German roots and love of beer. The food and drinks available during this festive time will transport you across the Atlantic and fill you with good cheer and lots of devilishly delicious calories. On top of the food and drinks, you can also enjoy traditional dancing, polka music, and an amazingly open and friendly atmosphere.

What: Toronto Oktoberfest When: TBC Where: Ontario Place Website: Toronto Oktoberfest

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A few people drinking beer at Oktoberfest October travel

Raise a stein with thousands of your closest friends at Toronto’s Oktoberfest.

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4. Tokyo, Japan

Halloween is not a traditional holiday in Japan, but Tokyoites have embraced it with a fervour and the city comes alive on this spooky night. Revellers flock to Shibuya and nearby Roppongi to strut their stuff in their costumes, drink and make merry until the wee hours of the morning. From its very humble beginnings, the event has been drawing people in the hundreds of thousands in recent years. Many of the bars and clubs in these nightlife districts hold special Halloween events, and the atmosphere and excitement are not to be missed.

What: Halloween Where: Shibuya, Tokyo When: 31 October

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Shibuya crossing with neon lights on buildings October travel

Halloween is an exciting event in an exciting city.

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5. Sapporo, Japan

Autumn comes first to Japan’s snowy north, whose capital, Sapporo is home to the mid-autumn Chrysanthemum Festival. Symbolising the royal family, this elegant flower is emblematic of Japan’s ancient culture and long history. In this festival, local growers get a chance to show off their most impressive blossoms, and the city is awash in beautiful displays of expert-level floristry.

What: Sapporo Chrysanthemum Festival When: Late-October to Early-November Where:Sapporo Ekimae-dori underground walkway Website: Sapporo Chrysanthemum Festival

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A colonial red building surrounded by flowers in Sapporo October travel

Beneath Sapporo’s modern architecture lies a city full of history and nature

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6. China

Golden Week is China’s busiest time for tourism. It is, in fact, a time for stressed locals to relax, reunite families and see the amazing country. Tiananmen Square in Beijing has a special flag raising ceremony on October 1st to kick off the festivities, and the government-sponsored fireworks displays throughout the city setting it ablaze with lights and colours.

What: Golden Week When: 1-7 October Where: All over China Website: Golden Week

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The Great Wall of China October travel

China has amazing sights in many places.

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7. San Francisco, USA

San Francisco’s amazing autumn weather continues through October. It’s so nice you’ll have trouble believing summer is finished. It’s the perfect time for a leisurely stroll through the streets of the city sampling some of the finest wines of the region. With a wine glass and a map to all the tasting sites, guests can explore the neighbourhood and taste the best. Once you’ve sipped enough, head to the other sights of the city, like Fisherman’s Wharf, the Embarcadero, amazing museums and naughty nightlife.

What: Union Street Wine Walk When: 4 October 2018 Where: Union Street, San FranciscoWebsite: Union Street Wine Walk

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The Golden Gate Bridge October travel

San Francisco’s Indian Summer is great wine weather.

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Where to go in October for Autumn?

8. Sapporo, Japan

Sapporo in autumn is a city full of brisk breezes and the occasional rainy day. People have begun to break out their warm clothing, and the fluctuating temperatures ensure that the leaves of the deciduous trees blaze into an amazing range of colours. The countryside around Sapporo is beautiful, and the lovely towns of Hakodate and Asahikawa are also worth a visit during this beautiful season.

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An aerial view of downtown Sapporo October travel

Enjoy the sights of Sapporo this October.

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9. Beijing, China

Beijing starts to cool off in October, but it is pleasant (highs of 19°c) and dry. Like Japan, October is when the leaves begin changing, and the foliage comes alive with hues of crimson and sienna. The foliage that surrounds the Great Wall is an amazing slice of nature and history all in one spectacular vista.

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The Great Wall of China surrounded by autumn foliage October travel

Beijing is spectacular in fall.

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Where to go in October for sunny weather?

 10. Athens, Greece

Mediterranean Octobers are just as good as summer; the humidity is still up (though not unpleasantly so) and the temperatures are warm enough for a stroll along the shores of the sea. In the city, nightclubs and bars are starting to reopen after a long summer’s hibernation, and the islands are pleasantly devoid of the tourist throngs of summer.

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Two ancient pillars stand tall October travel

Athens Octobers are better than many countries’ summers.

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11. Dubai, UAE

Dubai is sunny and dry in October. It’s the desert, of course, but by this time the temperatures have dropped to the low 30s and people are starting to enjoy their meals on their terraces. The resorts are perfect places to enjoy the arid autumns of the Arabian Peninsula, and outdoor sports like sandboarding are in full swing.

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Vast desert in Dubai October travel

Autumn in Dubai are something to write home about.

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Where to go in October for Spring?

12. Brisbane, Australia

In the Southern Hemisphere, October means Spring, and the subtropical city of Brisbane is a lovely place to experience the antipodean thaw. October is slightly rainier than other times of the year, though the weather makes it bearable, even pleasant. Just remember to bring your umbrella as you explore. If you’ve got time for some whale watching, the aquatic behemoths still linger offshore, though they are preparing to migrate.

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A sea of turquoise in Brisbane October travel

Australian spring gets no better than Brisbane.

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