90s kids rejoice! While kids these days might be playing with iPads, we used to play games like Super Mario and Pokemon on our Game Boys. These iconic games are still largely present in our lives after all these years. If you’re looking to relive those nostalgic memories from your childhood, you’re in luck. After much anticipation, NINTENDO x LeSportsac has finally released the Super Mario travel bag collection. The collaboration was launched in Japan on 19 July 2017 (launching in the U.S. in Fall), and it features three different series – Mario Travel, Power Up Burst and Special Style Pouch. My personal favourite is the Special Style Pouch series, but here’s a closer look so you can decide for yourself:

Mario Travel Series

Nintendo x LeSportsac Mario Travel Series
Classic Hobo: ¥18,900 | Extra Large Rectangular Cosmetic: ¥6,696 | Medium Weekender: ¥23,760

Nintendo x LeSportsac Mario Travel Series

There are many products in the Mario Travel series, but we’ve picked out three of them that we thought you should get for your short travels. A classic hobo bag to keep your daily essentials, a cosmetic bag to store all your makeup must-haves, and a weekender bag for your next weekend getaway. These bright red bags are printed with various travel stamps to add a pop of colour to your otherwise dull outfit.

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Power Up Burst Series

NINTENDO x LeSportsac Power Up Burst Series
Basic Backpack: ¥24,300 | Small Jenni: ¥16,740 | Large Weekender: ¥27,000

NINTENDO x LeSportsac Power Up Burst Series

Always overpacking and finding it difficult to squeeze your clothes into your travel bag? Our top picks from the Power Up Burst series – a backpack, sling bag and large weekender bag could be your solution. This series features little Super Mario icons printed all over.

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Special Style Pouch Series

NINTENDO x LeSportsac Special Style Pouch Series
Cube Cosmetic: ¥6,804 | Coin Charm: ¥5,724 | Device Pouch: ¥7,560 | Rectangular Cosmetic: ¥5,400 | Extra Large Rectangular Cosmetic: ¥7,344

We kept the best for the last. We can’t help but gush over how cute the Special Style Pouch series is! The Device Pouch is a replica of the first ever Game Boy released back in 1989. Although there have been several upgrades to the Game Boy since then, the original design still remains the most iconic.

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If you’re not heading over to Japan any time soon, you can get travellers to help bring the NINTENDO x LeSportsac collection back for you. Travellers act as personal shoppers to bring back overseas products. So what are you waiting for? Click on the links to shop the series now!

Here’s what you need to do:

1) Click on the link at the bottom of each series and hit the ‘Request now’ button.

2) Edit the description (model) and post the request.

3) You will receive an offer from our traveller shortly. Check out his/her return date & offer price.

4) Place a deposit if you’re agreeable. Payment will be held with Airfrov.

5) Wait for traveller’s return and release the payment only when you’ve received the correct item.

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