If you don’t already know about Nintendo Switch, you’ll soon want one after reading about it. This modern gaming device is slated to be the company’s most exciting device since the Nintendo Wii, which was released more than 10 years ago. From portability to accessibility, the Nintendo Switch is poised to revolutionise the way gaming consoles work.

Play It Anywhere

The device is made up of a 6.2 inch tablet-like touchscreen device, and two Joy-Con controllers which players use to navigate through the various games. But this device is more than just pretty looking portable device. Slot the device into the Nintendo Switch Dock and enjoy the game just like you would with a traditional gaming console. Have the game on-the-go, or broadcast it on the big screen – either way, you’ll get twice the option and double the fun.


Play With Anyone

The Nintendo Switch is great for solo gaming adventures. But when you have a friend over, simply pull out the Joy-Con controllers and use the device as a two player game. Use it as you would with a joystick, or move it around like how you would with a Wii controller. With its adaptability and functionality, the Nintendo Switch is certainly going to spice up your life with its numerous gaming permutations.


Play The (Price) Game

Nintendo switch singapore price - how much it costs around the world

The standard bundle  – Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy‑Con – comes with all you need in a monochromatic black and grey colour scheme. The bundle includes a Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Dock, a pair of Joy-Con controllers and other accessories to help create a wholesome gaming experience. 

Nintendo switch price - how much it costs around the world

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We can’t help but feel a little cheated when looking at the numbers. But if you’re keen on laying hands on this latest piece of gaming technology, why not enlist the help of our Airfrov travellers and get them to buy it back from you!

Pre-orders are ending soon or has ended for some countries. Try your luck, ask a traveller for help!

Nintendo switch Singapore price - ask Airfrov Traveller to buy

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