If you’re one who can’t do without a cuppa morning coffee, you would have probably heard of Nespresso machine, or even own one. With each glass of high quality home-made coffee at just a fraction of the price at Starbucks, it’s no surprise why many have fell for Nespresso – the Apple in the world of coffee.

As with everything else, high quality comes with a relative price tag. Nespresso machines range from SGD $200 to up to $1000 for the higher end models. Each Nespresso capsule which costs between $0.90 – $1.15, can amount to $100 a month for coffee lovers in Singapore.

If you ask a Nespresso lover where to get Nespresso Capsule at a cheaper price, the two common answers would be:
1) Buy compatible brand capsules or
2) Get them in Europe

Compatible Brand Capsules:
What are compatible brand capsules? These are capsules produced by other brands, which will fit into a Nespresso machine, but are usually priced lower than that of original Nespresso capsules.
With a new ruling by the French competition authorities on Sept 2014, Nespresso was told to share information about its coffee machines so that rival firms could easily make compatible coffee capsules or pods. Since then, new brands such as Cafepod, Carte Noire & Bellarom has entered the market with cheaper price tag. How do they taste? A quick research online tells me that you pay for what you get. Try at your own risk.
Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 3.39.16 pm
(image source: telegraphUK)

Buy from overseas
The other most common reply one gets is to purchase them from Europe (France)  as the price is lower than retail price in Singapore. There are also group-buying companies in Singapore which helps you bring them in from Europe via cabin crews. However, shipment comes in limited quantity.

Here’s a price check on the capsules retailing on Singapore’s VS France VS Australia website:


That’s a whopping 43% savings if you buy from France!
(Update on July 2016: With the fluctuation in currency, it now costs the same to buy your capsules from London – 0.33 pounds per capsule) 

So if you’re not planning to switch to compatible brands, find out which of your friends are visiting France or Europe, and are helpful enough to help you save pennies.

If you can’t find anyone, you can always count on the Airfrov for a community of frequent travellers. They are willing to share with you their luggage space for a small amount of tips. Simply put up a request and travellers who are travelling will be notified.

We already have requestors requesting to buy the Tribute to Italy capsules, you can “copy” their request here, by clicking on the “+” icon:

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Here’s how you can get the Nespresso Capsules to Singapore – by asking travellers to bring it back:

(1) Create an account on Airfrov.com, click on “Post Request”
(2) Indicate the item you would like to buy, with your “willing to pay” price (include some tips for the traveller’s help)
(3) Wait for a traveller to accept/counter- offer your price, you can “accept” when you’re ready to deal
(4) Wait for the traveller to return to SG with your items!
Join thousand others who have received their overseas goods, without stepping out of the country:
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