News have emerged that McDonald’s Hong Kong will be releasing a new gift sets on 4th June, and it’s making us Singaporeans green with envy. This collection, featuring McDonald’s theme Nanoblocks, will be available at HK$20 each with any meal purchased. Choose from 5 of Mcdonald’s iconic menu: Drinks Cup, Big Mac, French Fries, McFlurry & Apple Pie.


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Want to collect all 5? With HK$198, you can own a limited edition box set which includes all 5 of the above nanoblocks, 5 pieces of $10 McDonald’s food voucher and a limited edition exhibit box.

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This nanoblock collection will be available at McDonald’s Hong Kong from 4-24 June 2015, or while stocks last. It’s not sure if they will be available in McDonald’s Singapore at the moment. Our anxious community at Airfrov have already put up the request for the limited edition box set at SGD$50! Click on “I want this too” if you would like to have a set for yourself!


Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 4.54.48 pm


To get your hands on these Nanoblock from McDonald’s Hong Kong, put up your request for our travellers to bring it back!

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