Whether you’re a toy collector or not, this is an adorable set to have! Japanese miniature toy collectible maker Re-Ment recently released a collection that’s a whole new magical miniature world, made up of fairies, mermaids, and cupids. There are 6 sets in the My Little Fairy Cosme collection, and each set housed in a “make-up” container with a different scene inside each container.

Each set also has props and a cute little figurine that can be placed a different parts of the scene – just like another toy from our childhood – Polly Pocket! The pretty pastel colours add to the miniature world this collection creates.

My Little Fairy Cosme Collection

Here’s a closer look at each set!

1. Aqua Perfume – Mermaid

My Little Cosme Collection - Aqua Perfume - Mermaid

2. Star Eye Shadow – Bedtime Dreams

My Little Fairy Cosme - Star Eye Shadow - Bedtime Dreams

3. Lovely Cheek – A House by the Lake

My Little Fairy Cosme - Lovely Cheek - A House by the Lake

4. Flower Perfume – Waterfall Garden

My Little Fairy Cosme - Flower Perfume - Waterfall Garden

5. Garden Nail Polish – Garden Playground

My Little Fairy Cosme - Garden Nail Polish - Garden Playground

6. Merry-go-round Puff – Carnival

My Little Fairy Cosme - Merry-go-round Puff - Carnival

You can carry this miniature world in your pocket, as each of the “make-up” sets have a part where you can attach a chain, and it becomes a keychain or necklace.

Each set retails for ¥600 (before taxes) and can be found at convenience stores and toy stores in Japan. If you’re not heading to Japan soon, you can still get our travellers to help! Simply post a request on Airfrov!

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