Everyone who has ever been to Disneyland will admit that the place is magical. And ‘magical’ is a term that I don’t use loosely. It’s really a one-of-a-kind experience to get to meet your favourite childhood characters up close — from Mickey Mouse to Buzz Lightyear — and Disneyland is a place that just brings in this sense of sweet nostalgia.

So while you may have left a piece of your heart over at Disney’s, sweeten your memories further by bringing home limited-edition souvenirs from the place itself! The thing about Disneyland is that products change all the time; and most of the items are exclusive to the themed park. I can assure you that you’ll definitely regret not getting a least one of these items from the magical wonderland — so here’s a list of the top 10 merchandise that you have to get from Disneyland.

1. Duffy and Shellie May plushies

shelly1 shelly2

Prices start from¥3900 ($51.04) for a small Duffy plush


These are the first toys that come to mind because they are sooooo exclusive — they can only be bought in Tokyo DisneySea (and recently Paris Disneyland)! Having the Duffy and Shellie May plushies while exploring Disneyland is a symbol that you’re a true Disney fan… they are the Disney bears after all!

2. Character Popcorn Holder

must have disneyland merchandise

  must have disneyland merchandise must have disneyland merchandise

Prices start from USD 12 ($16.12)


Don’t miss out on the fun by investing in the popcorn from Disneyland! You not only get amazing kernels with unique flavours, you also get to keep the popcorn holder, which is usually a character bowl that can be used to keep other stuff once you’re done with your treat.

If you really missed it out or just want to collect one without having to visit Disneyland, try your luck here.

3. Keyrings

must have disneyland merchandise

 must have disneyland merchandise

Prices start from USD 6.95 ($9.35) each

Whoever tells you to not buy keyrings from Disneyland is probably not a good decision maker. Trust us, you can never leave the park without getting yourself at least one of these adorable trinkets! Keyrings are perfect for people who are not fans of plushies, but would still like to get something smaller, and similar in nature. Plus they make such cute gifts, your friends will absolutely love you for it!

4. Household / Kitchen items

must have disneyland merchandise

The Stormtrooper Plush PJ Pillow retails at USD 27.99 ($37.60)


Why stick to the usual floral motifs when you can have Winnie the Pooh plates? How about towels with exclusive Mickey Mouse designs? Disney-themed household and kitchen items are not easy to acquire outside of Disneyland, so if you’re looking to spice up your living space with a hint of your childhood, get these products while you’re there.

5. Character ears

must have disneyland merchandise

Prices start at USD 19.99 ($26.85)


I used to think that these ears aren’t exactly the best investment for a souvenir, but donning them on your adventure in Disneyland really changes the feel of things! Pictures look better and you immerse more into the magic of the place. Plus, you can also wear them for other events that require costume play!

6. Mugs

must have disneyland merchandise  must have disneyland merchandise

Prices start from USD 12.95 ($17.39)


These deserve a point on their own because there are simply too many variations of mugs and cups that are in the Disney stores. They have designs of practically every Disney character out there and you can for sure find something that’s your favourite.

7. Pins, Vinylmation and Magnets

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Disneyland Pin Collections
Prices start from USD29.95 ($40.23) for a pack of 4


must have disneyland merchandise must have disneyland merchandise

Mickey Mouse Magnet Set
Prices start at USD9.95 ($13.36) for a basic pack of 4 to USD 12.95 ($17.39) for a pack of 3 with more designs 


 7511055890147-3 must have disneyland merchandise

Disneyland Star Wars Vinylmation set and Peter Pan Vinylmation set
Prices from USD 207.20 ($278.31)


They, for one, are the most “practical” of souvenirs, because you can always buy them in different styles and designs each time you head over to Disneyland. You can kickstart your collection of Disney souvenirs with these items and have the enjoy the fun of “gachapon” with the Vinylmation* figurines!

*Vinylmation figurines are little toys that come in the shape of Mickey Mouse, though printed with different designs depending on what is the season. 

8. Jewelry 

must have disneyland merchandise

Disney Jewellery
Prices from USD 14.95 ($20.08)

must have disneyland merchandise

Disney x Pandora
Prices from USD55 ($73.89)

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Jewelry from Disneyland are both fun and romantic. They are usually Disney-themed, so you won’t expect to see them out in the market often. Also, quality is definitely assured, so ditch the cheap imitation kinds that you might chance upon at night markets and invest in these instead.

9. Cookies 

must have disneyland merchandise

Prices start from¥950 ($12.44)

We all love butter cookies, right? Take the chance to get them in Disney character-shaped at Disneyland! The cookie tins also come in the cutest designs that fit the themes of the different characters and seasons, so you can still use them as decorative containers hold other stuff when you finish the cookies.

Now, what happens if you’re not going to be visiting Disneyland, but really want some souvenirs from the themed park? You can still get them — simply post up a request on Airfrov just like how these other users did and a friendly traveller will offer to bring back your Disney goodies for you!

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