As the year is slowing down to a festive end, we have taken the liberty to compile a list of highly requested items from Korea for you. Read on to find out what’s worth adding on to your shopping list from Korea!

1. Olive Young UNIX TakeOut USB Hair Curler (19,900KRW)

This hair curler comes with a micro USB cable for power up functions, has a digital display for temperature settings. Its compact size makes it the perfect companion for travelling and the USB cable lets you curl your hair anywhere with just a portable charger! The TakeOut Season 3 USB curler can be found at Olive Young/ Myeongdong Young in South Korea.


2. SPAM Instant Kimchi Fried Rice (4,027KRW)

This instant kimchi fried rice is the answer to your midnight snack prayers–a quick, filling and tasty meal in just 3 minutes! The fried rice is tangy and spicy with kimchi flavours and the spam meat gives it added texture and saltiness. It is perfect as a quick meal in the office or whenever you are feeling too lazy to cook but want something substantial. Boxes of instant spam kimchi fried rice can be found at any grocery store in South Korea.


3. Instant Crab Roe @GS25 store (3,500KRW)

If you love crabs and their sweet luxurious roe, you’re in luck! Enjoy crab roe packed in a single serving size on its own or paired with rice. This instant crab roe can be found at GS25 (Korean convenience store) packaged in handy plastic boxes, making it a great on-the-go snack.


4. Paldo Volcano Curry Kkokkomyun (10,469KRW)

Calling all spicy food lovers out there–the Paldo Volcano Curry Kkokkomyun will hit all the spots with its ultra spiciness and savoury curry flavour. This instant noodle goes great with added ingredients like a sunny side up but also just as good on its own. The noodles can be found in any Korean convenience store and comes in both an individual bowl packaging as well as a in bundle of 5 single-serving packets.


5. TheFaceShop Holiday Twinkle Snowing Tint (10,000KRW each)

Add on to the year end festivities with these moisturising and long lasting lip tints, available in 6 different shades: 01–fireplace in orange light, 02–orange light tree lighting, 03–santa’s red hat, 04–cake with red berries, 05–red wine at christmas dinner and 06–gift box red ribbon. These lip tints are Korea exclusive and comes with a mini christmas themed snow globe cover.


6. Peripera Pearly Night Collection

Peripera’s snow globe inspired holiday collection is the fanciest collection to get your hands on this Christmas. The collection consists of:

Pearly Night Ink Lasting Pink Cushion (14,000KRW): Pink Ivory and Pink Beige 

The foundation cushion provides medium coverage while keeping your skin moisturised and dewy throughout the day. The cover of the compact is also a moving glitter snow globe–both beautiful as a product and for your skin!

Pearly Night Liquid Glitter Shadow (01–pink melody, 02–candy cane, 03–kitten beige, 04–bronze ring and 05–midnight) (10,000KRW each)

This super pigmented liquid eyeshadow is perfect for creating stunning makeup looks for any occasion. A little goes a long way and the glitter in these eyeshadows will definitely give your eyes that extra sparkle.

Pearly Night Lip Glitter (01–Space Trip & 02–Girls Pink Night) (9,000KRW each)

These unique lip glitter is a very translucent gloss with star and heart shaped sequins that will give your lip colour that extra oomph factor, perfect for extravagant makeup looks.

Pearly Night Peri’s Ink Velvet (01–Sell Out Red, 02–Sheng Kung Yup, 03–The Main Character and 04–Appearance High Season) (11,000KRW each)


These liquid lipsticks ranges from a stunning red to a natural coral shade, suitable for all shades of skin. They are also long-wearing with great colour payoff, definitely a must-have for any lipstick lover. These liquid lipsticks come in a cute christmas snow globe packaging that will jazz up your makeup collection.


7. 16Brand Holiday Edition Eyeshadow (16000KRW)

#품절대란 #완판행진👏🏻👏🏻 출시 15일만에 벌써 4차 예약 판매중! 없어서 못파는 #3초섀도우 💗아이매거진💗 (운영자도 4차 예약 대기자) . 👇 16 아이매거진 구매는 여기서 👇 🇰🇷 🇱🇷 . 소장가치 100%😍 아이매거진만 있으면 나도 금손🙋🏼 . * 예약고객님들께만 드리는 특/별/한 혜택을 확인해보세요! _ #식스틴브랜드 #아이매거진 #에브리데이 #퀵앤이지 #3초섀도우 #쁘띠블렌더브러쉬 #붓기커버섀도우 #아이섀도우 #아이메이크업 #아이섀도우추천 #섀도우추천 #음영메이크업 #데일리메이크업 #메이크업 #코덕 #뷰티 #뷰티스타그램 #16brand #EYEMAGAZINE #EVERYDAY #QUICKANDEASY #EYESHADOW #EYEMAKEUP #SHADOW #MAKEUP #KBEAUTY #BEAUTY

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고함량 컬러 피그먼트 함유로 트윙클 트윙클 아이메이크업 완성!!!👀✨ . 👇 16 아이매거진 구매는 여기서 👇 🇰🇷 🇱🇷 . 벌써 4차 예약 주문 START! #품절대란 #완판템 #퀵튜닝_3초섀도우 #16아이매거진 . * 예약고객님들께만 드리는 특/별/한 혜택을 확인해보세요! _ #식스틴브랜드 #아이매거진 #에브리데이 #퀵앤이지 #3초섀도우 #쁘띠블렌더브러쉬 #붓기커버섀도우 #아이섀도우 #아이메이크업 #아이섀도우추천 #섀도우추천 #음영메이크업 #데일리메이크업 #메이크업 #코덕 #뷰티 #16brand #EYEMAGAZINE #EVERYDAY #QUICKANDEASY #EYESHADOW #EYEMAKEUP #SHADOW #MAKEUP #KBEAUTY #BEAUTY

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The hugely popular Korean eyeshadow by 16BRAND is so innovative and creative, allowing for a gorgeous eye makeup look with only one brush! Currently Airfrov have a spree for the 16Brand Holiday Edition Eyeshadow which were all sold out when they were first launched, don’t miss out! Join the spree here!

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