Nobody has ever said that it is easy being a new mum. From the late night breastfeeding, to the aching back from carrying your child and to the diaper changing sessions every day, it is a well-known fact that motherhood is challenging. While the struggles of motherhood are always diminished when your child gives you her brightest smile, this does not mean that you cannot try to make your motherhood experience more enjoyable! For the young mummies out there, here is a list of lifesaving products that will make your new mum experience slightly easier.

1. Dr. Brown’s Milk bottles


Dr. Brown’s bottles are made with BPA-free plastic, ensuring safe consumption for your young child. A simple search on the internet will reveal plenty of positive reviews for Dr. Brown’s milk bottle, and these good reviews are justified; The internal vent system is known to get rid of air bubbles, reducing gas and the chances of reflux and burping for your baby. The Dr. Brown milk bottle would definitely help ease the discomfort for your little one!

mummy life savers: Dr.Brown's Milk Bottle


mummy life savers

Price check: Dr.Brown’s feeding set costs almost half the price in the U.S! Ask a friend who’s travelling to help you get hold of one, or simply ask a traveller on Airfrov!
*U.S. price from Walmart. 


2. Ergobaby Nursing Pillow

Many mothers enjoy nursing their child; what’s not to love about nourishing your baby through your own body. Yet, it is undeniable that feeding sessions can cause a strain on your arm, especially if you have already been cradling your baby for the entire day. This is where this life-saving product comes in! The Ergobaby Nursing Pillow allows hands-free breastfeeding! This nursing pillow is made up of solid foam with a unique contour that allows you to position your child comfortably to nurse her. Since the pillow is structured at a good height, you would not have to slouch the entire time, saving you from long lasting back pains.

mummy life savers: ergobaby nursing pillo


This dependable product originates from U.S., and are sold at outrageous prices in local stores. Some mummies turn to online stores like pupsikstudio for more affordable Ergobaby’s products. Yet, it is undeniably cheaper to buy it directly in the U.S.


3. Jujube bags

It does not mean that you have to give up on style just because you have to lug all that baby gear around. For the mummy fashionistas, the Jujube bag will be a dream come true for you. The brand is known for their stylish and fashionable diaper bags, and are widely popular among many trendy mummies.

The Jujube B.F.F. Diaper bag is one of the brand’s most well-received style. It comes with detachable shoulder and messenger straps and most importantly, numerous pockets and organisation compartments! Now you have space for all that baby snacks, diapers and milk bottles!

Mummy life savers: Jujube bags


Mummy lifesavers: Jujube Bags

Jujube B.F.F Diaper bag (USD$165)


Mummy life savers: Jujube Bags price comparison

4. Boots milk storage bags

Many breastfeeding mummies trust Boots’ breastmilk storage bags! These storage bags are pre-sterilised to guarantee hygiene standards and are also easy to seal. Boots’ storage bags are also known to be double walled with secured zips that will minimise the risk of leakages. Each bag can hold up to 150ml, and are suitable for storage of up to 5 days. With its good quality, the Boots storage bags are surprisingly affordable!

Sadly, there are no Boots retail stores in Singapore. So mummies looking for Boots milk storage bags have to purchase them overseas! Here’s a tip: even though Boots originated from the U.K., many mummies purchase the Boots Milk Storage bags from Boots retail stores in Thailand.

Ask a friend who’s travelling to Bangkok to help you buy, or simply post a request to ask for travellers’ help!

mummy life savers: boots milk storage bags


5. GAIA products

GAIA is well received by mothers around the world, for its convenient and gentle shower products. The GAIA Hair and Body wash for instance, is suitable for use on newborns as the cleanser will not leave your baby’s skin uncomfortably dry. GAIA’s Hair and Body wash also contains organic lavender and organic ylang ylang that induces a relaxing bath experience for your little one. Besides GAIA’s hair and body wash, the brand’s baby wipes, baby massage oil and baby moisturiser are equally well received.

mummy life savers: gaia


Mummy life savers: Gaia

Find out how to win this Gaia Baby Shower Set at the end of the article!

6. Lilypadz Nursing Pads

One of the most horrifying things a new mummy can experience is milk leakage. Many mothers resort to traditional nursing pads that are bulky and have to be disposed of frequently. But there is no need for all that inconvenience and discomfort with Lilypadz’s Nursing Pads. The brand’s nursing pads are revolutionary, as they are made with a skin-like layer of silicon and are reusable for up to 3 months. However, do note that you would have to wash the nursing pads from time to time in order to maintain the adhesiveness of these nursing pads for a longer period.

Many mummies have raved about these nursing pads since the pads can be used with strapless dresses, bodycon outfits, and even your swimming costume! If you are always worried about milk leakage, the Lilypadz Nursing pads may be ideal for you.

Unfortunately, this ingenious product is not widely available in Singapore. Ask a friend or traveller for help!

Mummy Life savers: Lilypadz Nursing Pads


These mummy lifesavers are evidently more affordable in their origin country! You don’t have to break the bank to purchase all these mummy gear. If you would like to avoid the outrageous prices of these must-have mummy products, get our helpful travellers to purchase these items for you!

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