A headache everyone faces every year in Feburary: What should I wear for Chinese New Year? We are all bored of dressing the same way every year. Worst case scenario is what if you wear the same outfit as your relatives or friends?  With everyone doing their last minute CNY shopping right now, it’s not far-fetch to actually see one of your relative or friends twinning the same outfit as you!

Which is why we recommend trying Modernised Hanbok this Chinese New Year! The best thing about modernised Hanboks is that they’re also CNY “Food Baby” friendly outfits. You can be stuffing yourself as many Bak Kwa and Pineapple Tart and you’ll still be able to look good!

Soosulhwa (수설화)

Soosulhwa is one of the most popular Korean hanbok stores with both an online and offline presence. Popular amongst youngsters in Korea and even foreigners. Their flowery see-through white top is indeed stunning, it can even be wedding appropriate if you would like to make full use of your Hanbok.

Soosulhwa see-through flowery top 84,000won

They also have a wide range from shorter knee-length skirts to longer skirts.

soosulhwa Flowery top mordernised hanbok
Soosulhwa Red Skirt 58,000won
soosulhwa one piece
Soosulhwa First Snow one-piece dress 148,000won
soolhwasoo mordernised hanbok skirt
Soolhwasoo mordernised hanbok skirt
Soosulhwa Blue Top 59,000won
Soosulhwa Mini skirt 49,000won
Soosulhwa Hanbok flower top 59,000won

Storefarm (스토어팜)

Storm Farm Mordernised hanbok skirt
Mordernised Hanbok Skirt 72,000won
storefarm modernised hanbok top
Storefarm Modernised Hanbok Top 47,000won
Life Hanbok Sherbet Shirt 47,000won
Living Hanbok Flower Dress 99,000won

Seorinarae (서리나래)

If you’re looking for a more casual Hanbok, we’ll suggest getting from Seorinarae. They have modernised Hanbok with shorter skirts and suitable for an everyday outfit as well.

Seorinarae Waist Skirt 69,000won
Seorinarae Flower Waist Skirt 69,000won

They also have couple Hanboks for all the love birds out there who are willing to go the extra mile for that perfect instaworthy photo this new year, #couplegoals enough?

Interested in getting your own choice of Hanbok? Hurry go on Airfrov and post your request because if you have been too busy to notice, CNY is just right around the corner. Get help from Airfrov travellers going to Korea to bring back your Hanbok and get ready to look your best this new year.  Don’t forget to instagram all of your beautiful modernised Hanboks #cnyootd!

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