Gone are the days when modest Muslim fashion meant having to stick with traditional designs and monotonous colors. With the emergence of young Muslim designers who aren’t afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to Muslimah fashion, the range is wider than ever. We’ve handpicked our favourite designers/modest Muslim fashion icons and featured below on how you can get your hands on all their stuff in Singapore!

Hana Tajima

The UK-based designer is definitely at her peak, especially with her huge ongoing collaboration with global brand Uniqlo. Her women’s wear collection was sold not only in Southeast Asia, but also in the USA and UK as well – a feat for any designer, more so one that focuses on modest Muslim fashion. Her designs are simple yet very fashion forward, making them must-haves for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. A larger variety  of her collection can be found at Uniqlo Japan!


Naelofar Hijab is one of those brands that gained a lot of momentum in a short period of time. They initially wanted to come up with a limited line of praying garments, but due to their success, their current line consists of handbags, kurti sets, and full ensembles “with modesty in mind.” This brand is truly a go-to for many Muslimahs when it comes to hijabs.

Habiba Da Silva

With 30 million views on her YouTube channel, and nearly 800,000 followers on Instagram – this half Brazilian & half Lebanese beauty looks to bring cultures together in her two popular hijab collections. SKN & ELMNT both play on the tones of inclusiveness and a hijab style and colour to fit everyone. The Habiba Da Silva scarves are all made from the finest cotton and is perfectly wearable for any occasion. It can be easily worn with no pins as it holds itself together and is non-slippery, it also doesn’t need ironing and is resistant to changing it’s crinkled design.

Diana Kotb

The Australian-based brand is one of the most sought-after down under, and each piece of her collection is truly a work of art. While a bit on the expensive side, Diana Kotb’s aesthetic is perfect for those who are into Kate Spade or Escada. Her current collection consists of tops, dresses, coats, bottoms, pinafores, and even gowns. Trust us, it’s worth it to spend a little bit more moolah on a one of a kind Kotb piece.

Dian Pelangi

The 26-year old designer and her “eclectically designed” work have been making huge waves in the Muslim modest fashion world. Filled with bright colors and beautiful patterns, expressing oneself creatively is definitely possible with Pelangi’s designs. You can mix and match hijabs, tops, bottoms, caftans, pinafores, and cardigans to your delight. Her work is very popular among millennial ladies. Her website is currently down, but her official Instagram store is up and running.

Iman Aldebe 

The Stockholm-based designer and visual artist is known for her highly artistic hijabs that are almost museum-worthy. What started as merely a small thing between friends has now become a full-fledged global brand, thanks to her distinct and top aesthetic. If you want scene-stealing haute couture modest Muslim fashion, then Iman is one designer you should always keep an eye on.

Amirah Couture 

The brand hails from one of the biggest fashion capitals in the world – New York City. Amirah Couture features a lot of opulent yet very elegant pieces for the modern Muslimah. If you’re not afraid of colour and incorporating current trends like leather bomber jackets to your traditional outfit, then Amirah Couture is for you. Her pieces are for those who aren’t afraid to make heads turn as they walk along a street. The best thing about the brand is that with every purchase, you help a little girl get to school in the Middle East.

Fashion Valet

Albeit not an icon per se, the Malaysia-based e-commerce site is a treasure trove for those who are looking for trendy yet modern Muslim fashion pieces at affordable prices. If you want a full range of modest wear, then you better include Fashion Valet in your bookmarks now! They currently offer caftans, Jubahs, Kurungs, Kebayas, and scarves. They even have clothes for those who are nursing.

Hijab House 

Another store based in Australia, Hijab House is probably the trendiest among all the brands . Here you can find denim capes, hijabs that come in the in the hottest colours of today, and modest takes on Instagram fashion trends. They’ve got it all from basics to abayas and even accessories. This store is a definite 10/10 for modest Muslim women who also want to keep up with what’s popular on social media.

How to get the ranges above in Singapore?

Inspired by some of the collections? While you may find some of the items at various e-Commerce stores in Singapore, to access the latest range of items at the most affordable price it’s always best to shop the ranges overseas! While this may seem impractical given the shipping fees, that’s where Airfrov comes in.

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