Line Friends (Image Credits: Line Global FB Page)

Even if you’re not an user of the Line app chat app, you would most likely have heard or seen the Line Friends – the adorable stickers emoji used in the app to better express our emotions. The Line Friends have been extremely popular in both S.Korea and many parts of the world including Thailand & Singapore.

For those who are unfamiliar with them, let me introduce the following LINE FRIENDS to you.


These guys are so popular that Line Friends Flagship Store have been setup in Seoul, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, just to sell their merchandises.

Missha x LINE Friends

In January this year, one of S.Korea’s mid-range skincare brand Missha, introduced a collaboration with Line Friends and got fans from all over the world excited. Launched exclusively in S.Korea, most of the products featuring Line friends characters were sold out on the day itself. Fortunately, Missha has been restocking their shelves this week (yay!).

Check out the following video for a quick glimpse of these cute MISSHA x Line Friends makeup collection:

Missha x LINE Friends

Magic Cushion (includes 2 refills) Price: 11,600KRW

[M] (라인프렌즈 에디션) [21호] 매직 쿠션 모이스처 특별 기획 패키지[M] (라인프렌즈 에디션) [21호] 매직 쿠션 특별 기획 패키지

Sally and Brown Magic Cushions is definitely a steal! At only 11,600KRW(SGD$ 14.75), it comes with a cute Magic cushion and 2 refills. Yes, not one but two.

It is available in two shades, 21 and 23.


Mascara Price: 3,300KRW



Missha x LINE Friends
Brown 4D Mascara
Missha x LINE Friends
Sally 3D Mascara



Eye Color Studio Mini Price: 12,800KRW

Missha x LINE FriendsMissha x LINE Friends

This is one of the most popular items among the Line Friend Special Edition. It is sold out on the first day of release and on the morning of the restock!


Tint Balm Price:8,800KRW

Missha x LINE Friends  [미샤] (라인프렌즈 에디션) 컬러링 틴트 밤 [스윗투유]


  [미샤] (라인프렌즈 에디션) 컬러링 틴트 밤 [해피투유]



Lip Rouge Price: 11,800KRW

There are two kinds of Lip Rouge, Sally Gloss Lip Rouge and Brown Matte Lip Rouge.

Missha x LINE FriendsMissha x LINE Friends[M] (라인프렌즈 에디션) 글로시 립루즈 [GPK03 워너핑크]

[M] (라인프렌즈 에디션) 매트 립루즈 [MBR01 메이플라떼][M] (라인프렌즈 에디션) 매트 립루즈 [MRD01 하이힐][M] (라인프렌즈 에디션) 매트 립루즈 [MRD02 살사레드][M] (라인프렌즈 에디션) 매트 립루즈 [MRD03 블러디와인]



Full Tint Price: 5,800KRW

[미샤] (라인프렌즈 에디션) 워터-풀 틴트 [꿀자몽티][미샤] (라인프렌즈 에디션) 워터-풀 틴트 [오렌지주스][미샤] (라인프렌즈 에디션) 워터-풀 틴트 [체리코크][미샤] (라인프렌즈 에디션) 워터-풀 틴트 [핑크소다]


Hand Cream Price: 3,000KRW



Micro Bubble Foam Price: 8,800KRW

Missha x LINE FriendsMissha x LINE Friends

The Sally Green Tea Seed Micro Bubble Foam allows you to moisturize your skin and as for the Brown Lotus Seed Micro Bubble Foam, it has a brightening effect.


Nail Sticker Price: 4,500KRW

[미샤] (라인프렌즈 에디션) 글램 아트 네일 스티커 [1호 브라운][미샤] (라인프렌즈 에디션) 글램 아트 네일 스티커 [2호 코니]


Check out this link for more details on Missha x Line Friends Makeup collaboration!

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