It seems like milk has joined the ranks of being an luxury item. As reported by The Straits Times, the average price of a 900g milk powder tin has risen by more than 120% over the past decade. Particularly hard-hitting for parents and families with young infants who rely on baby milk formulas, what was once thought to be an affordable beverage is now an expensive treat. But how exactly does Singapore’s milk powder price compare with our neighbouring country, Australia? We did a little snooping and here’s what we found:

Bellamy’s Organic S3 Toddler (900g)

Milk Powder Price - Bellamy's Organic S3 Toddler (900g)

This organic milk formula comes fortified with vitamins, minerals and probiotics to help toddlers from 12 months get the essential nutrients they need for a healthy immune system. Certified organic ingredients mean only the best for you, with nothing like pesticides, growth hormones and synthetic fertilisers involved.

Milk Powder Price Comparison - Bellamy's Organic S3 Toddler

Nestle Nan Optipro H.A. 2 Follow-up Formula (800g)

Milk Powder Price - Nestle Nan Optipro H.A. 2 Follow-up Formula (800g)

This premium blend of hypoallergenic milk formula is suitable for babies after six months. Its gentle formulation makes it perfect for babies with sensitive tummies and reduces the risk of having an allergic reaction. The unique blend of whey protein also makes it easy to be digested, giving your young one the nutrients they need.

Milk Powder Price Comparison - Nestle Nan Optipro H.A. 2 Follow-up Formula

Aptamil Gold+ Pronutra+ Stage 2 (900g)

Milk Powder Price - Aptamil Gold+ Pronutra+ Stage 2 (900g)


This premium formula meets the nutritional needs of you precious one as part of a mixed diet. Its special blend of formula will feed your baby and help them grow up strong and healthy, all while consuming the diverse vitamins and minerals they require. 

Milk Powder Price Comparison - Aptamil Gold+ Pronutra+ Stage 2

Ever since The Straits Times article was published, many parents have also commented on Facebook about the high price of milk powder in Singapore.

Facebook Comments about Milk Powder Prices in Singapore

A tin of 900g milk formula ranges from S$16.47 to S$28.52 (after conversion) in Australia. On the other hand, a tin of 900g milk formula ranges from S$28 to $55 in Singapore. While a taskforce might have been put in place to study the rising prices of milk powder in Singapore, it seems like milk powder will still come at a premium price tag, at least in the near future.