Step aside Hello Kitty. It’s time to turn the spotlight on Miffy, an adorable bunny character with Dutch origins that just recently celebrated it’s birthday on June 21. This little rabbit doll might not garner as much attention as the other animal friends, but it’s muted and demure appeal has gained Miffy some collaboration with various brands. So for fans of Miffy, you can now indulge in the company of this bright and petite character through these items!


1. Miffy X Arome Cookies

Miffy themed items - Arome Miffy cookies

Image credit: Arome Bakery

They say we have an innate desire to bite cute items, and this cannot be more true in the case of Miffy shaped cookies by Arome Bakery in Hong Kong. This soft fluffy bunny is matched with hardy camouflage prints to bring you a delectable biscuit snack.

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With two flavours, butter and matcha, you’ll want to lay your hands on these cookies that boast an attractive packaging with adorable contents. Hurry and place an order like many other Airfrov users here!


2. Miffy X Make Remake

Miffy themed items - makeremake miffy

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As part of the LG Household brand, Make Remake has partnered Miffy to come up with a line of skincare products that looks good and will make you look good too. In this collection, expect to find a relaxing Soothing Cleansing Water, WhiteOut Brightening Peel to regain your skin’s radiant glow, the versatile Cloud All In One Cleanser for all skin-types and an intensive Strong Anti-Pollution Cleansing Foam to block out the impurities.

Miffy themed items - makeremake

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Don’t let the cutesy packaging fool you – the contents are enough to pack a punch and leave your face feeling fresh and clean.


3. Miffy X Primark

Miffy themed items - primark

Image credit: OfficialMiffyUK

You are never too old for pyjamas, let alone Miffy PJs that will instantly put you in a relaxing mood and have you all ready for bed. Adorned with Miffy motifs all around, donning this rabbit from head-to-toe will satisfy all Miffy fans from the young and the young at heart. Join the other Airfrov users and put up a similar request here!


4. Miffy X Darlie

Miffy themed items - Darlie hong kong

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Brushing your teeth need not be a plain and dull affair. Add a pop of colour into this everyday routine with Darlie’s Miffy collaboration, which comes with a Miffy bowl with every purchase. With three different designs to collect, this uncanny collaboration will put a smile on your face and put those pearly whites to good use.

5. Miffy X Cotton On

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Image credit: CottonOnAustralia

Light up your room with a soft gentle glow and cute presence of this Miffy lamp. The classic silhouette of the rabbit comes in a matte white shade, making it the perfect decoration in any room that will go well with any room colour. From nurseries to study rooms and even your bedroom, let the Miffy lamp add a warm and welcoming glow to your room.

6. Miffy X Dear Packers

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Another beauty line to hop on the Miffy bandwagon is Dear Packers and their collection of delicious sounding products. Their Royal Black Mask with black tea and black rose help revitalise dry skin by refreshing and hydrating it, and the Alaska Glacier Soothing Pack contains Alaska glacier water and snow lotus extract for long-lasting moisturisation to keep your skin soft and supple.


Miffy & tea masks. Hard to say no 😩😩 #Miffy #beautymasks #iveairfroved #onlyinkorea #dearpacker

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You certainly don’t have to be a worldly traveller in order to chalk up these highly adorable Miffy items. You can put up a request like what many of our Airfrov users did, and get returning travellers to snag up these goodies for you!