Selfie-obsessed or not, you must have some way or another heard of popular photo-editing app Meitu Xiu Xiu. If not, pause this piece and head on to your PlayStore or AppStore to download it and experience a ~whole new world~ of Photoshop, right at your fingertips.

Back? Great. For those who are bent on taking the perfect selfie but just can’t seem to get it right, sometimes, it’s not you, it’s your camera. Fear not if your beloved iPhone can’t seem to capture portraits in backlit mode, or doesn’t have that soft focus effect that subtly blurs out imperfections… because there is a new camera in town that promises to snap only the IG-worthy selfies for you.

Say hi to the Meitu M8s, a gorgeous piece of technology that is created just for selfie photography!

Being the descendent of the crazy popular Meitu M8 (y’know, the one that came in the limited edition Hello Kitty print and sold out in a snap?), the new M8s is bigger and better in terms of function and style.

There are now two front cameras that work in tandem to snap only the most gorgeous of selfies. The main camera has a SONY IMX362 sensor, quick focus and can shoot in 12 million pixels. The sub-camera serves to supplement the main, boasting a 6P lens and F/1.8 large aperture. All these features will allow you to shoot in any backdrop.

The M8s also supports the OIS anti-shake function, so you can bid blurry photos goodbye forever. Plus, because of the new tech added, the camera is also able to detect any sudden changes in lighting and readjust the setting on the lenses for the most optimal photo — in as quick as 0.13 seconds.

Now that we’ve gotten the geeky tech-speak out of the way… it’s time to get acquainted with the 4 limited edition variants that are coming up:

Limited Edition Designs

Hello Kitty

The previous Hello Kitty Meitu M8 came in a girly pink case. This time round, everyone’s favourite cartoon cat gets an elegant upgrade; boasting a champagne case with pink Hello Kitty accents. There are also the matching selfie stick and self-timer clicker for all your selfie needs.

This edition will go on sale on 26 October.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon, just like Hello Kitty, gets itself a style upgrade from the previous pinky vibe. Should you prefer a fiery look for your camera, opt for this firetruck red one — guaranteed to get you all the compliments and likes.

Releasing on 11 November.


One word: Cute…! Doraemon’s camera comes in a matching blue base as well as an adorable transparent case for extra protection. Looking at it instantly brings back our childhood memories! Instead of selfie sticks, this set comes with a customised power bank.

Releasing in December.

Dragon Ball

For the guys (and girls) who prefer a suave design, the Dragon Ball design is bound to thrill you. Everything about the camera, to the customised case and even the box that the set comes in just screams cool, cool, cool.

Releasing in December.


All limited edition variants will sell for ¥3399 (approx SGD $698)

Want your very own Meitu M8s? Put up a request on Airfrov and a friendly traveller will have it flown back to you!

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Photos: Hk01