In our second feature in our ‘Meet the Travellers’ series we’re going to be featuring ‘Dee Dee’, one of our most popular Super Travellers! She has 5 star reviews and a delivery rating of an impressive 98%!

We sat down with her to ask her about her experience as an Airfrov traveller and any interesting tidbits that she’s got to share with us. Enjoy!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your interests?

I am a self proclaimed all-you-can-eat champion, on the verge of retirement! Food will always have a place in my heart! I also enjoy walking to places when i’m overseas rather than taking public transport.

And I totally get excited over freebies!! But no! Im not a freeloader.

Exploring the streets of Amsterdam

What kind of traveller do you consider yourself to be? 

I suppose I am a “Lone wolf” traveller. Group tours were never really my “thing”. Travelling alone or a small pack allows me to go to places that I want to go and skip places that I dread.
And during my travels, I love to explore the food and the culture that the country I’m in is known for.

Taking in the culture in Paris

What takes you abroad so frequently?

My relatives migrated to Australia and UK. Thus, visiting them is one of my routines!

Dee Dee in Manchester, UK

What made you want to get involved in Airfrov in the first place?

As a shopper that often buys products from overseas,  I do know how the requesters feel when they are unable to get the items they want in Singapore. Therefore, when I heard about Airfrov and the service they provide, I was very intrigued and decided to help out the requesters when travelling to visit my family. Plus it allows me to burn more calories when i’m searching for the requester’s items!

Dee Dee enjoying the Christmas market in Ealing, London

What are some of the strangest/coolest items that you have completed a request for?

Most of the items that I helped request bring back were pretty common.But if I have to choose among them, it would be the Jeannie Kettle Water Boiler, 5kg bag of flour and Fluffy Softener – pictured below (which made my bag smells so nice).

Fluffy Fabric Softener Summer Breeze

What items do you think some of our requesters would love from (Certain country)?

Seeing trending request on the platform, I foresee that ladies bags have the highest demand at the moment, especially from Japan and Europe such as the items below!

Burberry Crestbridge Bucket Bag
Longchamp Le Pilage Neo
Longchamp Le Pliage Neo

How has your experience been with Airfrov as a traveler?

Seamless. The team has always been very helpful tackling issues I had. My enquiries were replied not more than 2 working days. New features such as Offer Expiry and Spree are manifest proofs that Airfrov has been improving its app very well and it makes it more and more user-friendly. I can confidently say that it is satisfactory and fun working together with Airfrov as a traveler 🙂

The self-confessed foodie that she is, some of Dee Dee’s latest recommendations include:

Pringles Pigs in Blankets
Disney Cars 3 Chocolate Calendar
Australian Macadamia & Almond

Fancy being a traveller from Airfrov? If getting paid while shopping for unique gifts for requesters from overseas sounds like something you’d like to do, you can register as a traveller at the link below!

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