Do you recall the first Nanoblock collection released in Singapore just few months ago? The Mcdonald’s x Nanoblock food icon collection activated the queue frenzy in Singaporeans to redeem these readily built nanoblock collectibles. Fast forward to September 2016, the king of Happy Meals is back with a 2nd nanoblock collection in Hong Kong.

McDonalds x Nanoblock Round 2 features Ronald & friends - Airfrov Blog

The new Mcdonalds x Nanoblock collection features 7 nano-size figurines of Ronald & Friends. In case your forgot their names, they are (from left to right) Birdie, Officer Big Mac, Grimace, Ronald McDonald, Fry guys and Hamburglar.

McDonalds x Nanoblock Round 2 features Ronald & friends - Airfrov Blog

No, you don’t have to max out your calories intake to collect all 7. The limited edition collector’s box is available for HK$198 with a purchase of food items at McDonald’s Hong Kong. The set of 7 also comes with 5 x $10 McDonald’s HK vouchers.


The 5 iconic characters (all except Fry guys) are also available for grab at just HKD $20 each.
Sale of this collection starts at 4am on 1 Sept in major McDonald’s outlets in Hong Kong. Each customer is allowed to top up maximum of HKD $60 to purchase 3 individual characters.


Will it be available in Singapore soon?

Honestly, we have no idea. The previous food icon collection was launched in Singapore during Feb 2016 – 6 months after Hong Kong’s launch in June 2015. Our neighbours across the borders got them in Oct 2015. Now or later, you decide!

McDonald's x Nanoblock

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