Regardless of whether you have just had your exercise or straight out of the shower, the way you smell will constantly be something you would be conscious of. Well, you do not have to smell nice, but at least, do not smell bad, right? Today, let us introduce you low-cost fragrances that is comparable to luxury brand, Jo Malone, and would keep you smelling fresh throughout the sweltering summer!

1. W.DRESSROOM Home & Fragrances (38,000₩)

W.DRESSROOM’s perfume can be sprayed on both your body and on fabric. It’s meant to be a mild and soft scent on both body and cloth!

Recommended Scent – No.49 (9,800₩)

The range of perfumes and fabric freshener first trended when Yoo Seon Ho trainee mentioned that Hwang Min Hyun of Wanna One uses the same scent as he does. It is none other than W.DRESSROOM’s Peach Blossom (No.49). The Peach Blossom fragrance smells sweet and light. Albeit the sweet scent, it fits surprisingly well on men!

For guys who are looking for a fragrance that is not too musky, try the Peach Blossom scent! For women, the light scent stays on for long periods of time. The sweet scent is not overtly sweet. A good comparison would be a cup of peach tea – light without overpowering.

Recommended Scent – No.97 (9,700₩)

The April Cotton (No.97) smells very much of fresh clean linen with powdery undertone that smells similar to baby wipes. For those of you who love the smell of fresh clean laundry, this product would not disappoint. Jeon Jung Kook of BTS was also seen using the April Cotton on one of their V Live and kid you not, he said it smells nice!

W.DRESSROOM also have their own line of hand creams with the same number coded scents! The worry everyone has with hand creams is the sticky oily feeling that sticks to your hand but W.DRESSROOM hand creams does not! Just like their perfumes, the scent stays for long periods of time as well.


2. Innisfree Sunny Perfumed Body Water (18,000₩)

Not into powdery, sweet or musky scents? Try Innisfree’s Sunny perfumed body water! It is no news that Innisfree has their own fragrance line, rather extensive at that! The ‘Sunny’ perfume body smells incredible. The Sunny perfume, unlike its name, would be more suited to be worn on a rainy day. It has a really clean and crisp scent with a hint of spiciness. A perfect perfume fitting for Singapore’s unpredictable weather – rain or shine, it works!

3. A’PIEU’s Handy Roll-on Perfume (12,000₩)

If you are familiar with the trends in Korea, this line would not be a stranger to you. A’PIEU’s My Handy Roll-on Perfume line is immensely popular with the crowd.

Particularly one scent – Freesia. If you have caught on, the freesia perfume from A’PIEU smells undeniably identical to Jo Malone’s English Pear and Freesia Perfume. It was the reason why it ran out of stocks in every store when it first came out. For a fraction of the price, you’d be able to snatch a scent so similar!

Now, A’PIEU has since released more scents to add on to the line. Aside from Freesia, the line has a range of scents that would cater to people of different preferences. Like its name, the roll-on perfume is small and handy with a minimalistic packaging. Unlike most roll-ons, the A’PIEU line has really strong and long lasting power. Definitely worth a try for its price point!

3. Elianto Body Mist (RM18.90)

Our last introduction is slightly special. Unlike the others, the whole line of Elianto’s Body mist smells heavenly. There is not one that would leave your hand in one sniff. Elianto is a Make Up brand based in Malaysia – known for having a Make up Line inspired by Durian. However, away from the glam is their line of body mist.

Although every scent smells amazing, the NEROLI and SAKURA is one that you should not miss out. NEROLI gives off a strong tropical flowers scent and would be suitable for ladies working in the corporate world. Sakura on the other hand is crisp with light floral and a sweet undertone. Elianto’s body mist is incredibly long lasting considering that it is a mist. The pocket friendly price point and long lasting fragrance is definitely a reason to give it a try!

We’re come to the end of the list! Which of the above will you be trying out? If you have any low-cost fragrances that would like to try on the list, just Airfrov it! Airfrov allows you to purchase items from overseas that is not available in Sunny Singapore. Even if the items is available for purchase on the island, Airfrov offers a rather competitive price variable and authenticity!


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