The one place that all tourists must visit whenever they travel to Bangkok is undoubtedly Chatuchak. Sure, the Pratunam area may already be filled with cheapie buys, but nothing makes for an authentic experience in the Land of Smiles than getting lost in the black hole of the shopping market. All while haggling under the hot sun with coconut ice cream in hand, too.

For those who’re starting to get bored of the same ~blogshop~ fashion that hoards most of the market space, we do have some new recommendations for you to spice up your shopping trip. Ahead, 8 Instagram-worthy local designer goods that’ll have you see shopping at Chatuchak with new eyes.

MORI Minimal Tote Bag

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Photos: Mori.bag instagram

There’s always space for one extra tote bag. Especially when they’re of such gorgeous, minimal prints too. As their name suggests, MORI specialises in canvas tote bags that come in chic prints — which will put all your other existing tote bags to shame. Plus, no harm getting one as a pretty carry-on for all that shopping you’ll be doing in Bangkok.

Where to find Mori Bags: Click here to join pre-order, free shipping to Singapore!

Tongkorn Jewelry Design


Photos: Tongkornjewdesign Instagram

Hands up if you’re into cute quirky jewelry, because we are too! Tongkorn Jewelry has for sale the most tumblr-inspired trinkets that’ll make for great arm candy. Take your pick from the classic daisy bracelet, or animal wrap-around rings, and perhaps the geometric marble earrings.

Where to find Tongkorn Jewelry: Chatuchak (JJ) market section4 soi51/1 no.260 or Click here to join pre-order, free shipping to Singapore!



Embroiderer - local designer brands chatuchak

Photos: Embroiderer Instagram

Okay, so by now we should all know of the embroidery trend that experienced such a boom after GUCCI had it on their fashion runways, yes? If embroidered jackets aren’t enough to satisfy your craving, check out Bangkok’s Embroiderer, a store that retails gorgeous bags with embroidered designs. Their most popular item is the Chain Bags, that have diamond embroidery design trailing down the front compartment.

Where to find Embroiderer: Chatuchak (JJ) market Section 3 Room.295 or Click here to join pre-order, free shipping to Singapore!


Just when we thought that there couldn’t possibly be any more iterations of innovative flashdrive designs… mink’s had to pop in and prove us wrong. Their intricate wooden creations are so meticulously made, they almost feel too precious to be used. Of their many collections — from minimalist chic to quirky fun, our heart still lies with their bestseller designs — the animal collection. You’d want to sweep up 10 at a go as unique souvenirs for your loved ones!

Where to find Mink: Click here to join pre-order, free shipping to Singapore!


Tathata - local designer brands chatuchak

Photos: Tathata Instagram

TA.THA.TA truly takes customisation to the next level. Rather than just letting shoppers embroider their names or carve initials, the brand decided to instead let their customers’ creativity run wild. Drop by their store, and you’ll be in for a treat to personalise your own “face” on your bag. Not quite sure what that means? It’s simple — take your pick from a selection of fabric patches, which includes facial features like eyes, lips, noses and every eyebrows. Piece your face together, and have it ironed on to your selected bag. There you have it, a bag that’s truly one of a kind.

Where to find TA.THA.TA: Chatuchak (JJ) market section 4 soi 47/1 no.012


Reindeer store - local designer brands chatuchak

Photos: Reindeerstore Instagram

Who else here changes their phone cases as frequently as they change their styles? If you’re a phone case hoarder, here’s another store to purchase fun cases from: Reindeer. One thing special about the brand: they’re obsessed with sparkle and glitter… which probably explains why we are obsessed with their offerings. Check out their glitter phone cases, bags and even earrings too.

Where to find Reindeer store: Chatuchak (JJ) market Section 4 soi. 52/1 room 318

Da Monkey Be Fine

Da Monkey be fine - local designer brands chatuchak

Photos: Damonkyebefine Instagram

If you’re the kind that’s all about girly crochet designs and pastel colours, please, hold your breath for a minute as we allow you to indulge in the glorious selection that Da Monkey Be Fine has. They’ve not only managed to incorporate crochet detailing into different kinds of bags, but also have crazy adorable crochet designs that you can pick from too.

Where to find Da Monkey Be Fine:
Chatuchak (JJ) market SHOP1 SEC.14 R.268  | SHOP2 SEC.4 R.297  | SHOP3 SEC.26 R.242 | SHOP4 SEC.24 R.175-175

The Sleeveless Garden

The Sleevless garden - local designer brands chatuchak

Photos: Thesleevelessgarden Facebook Page

Apparently, we still can’t seem to get over the geometric trend, which is why we can’t help but drool over The Sleeveless Garden’s clean designs. Their offerings come in fuss-free detailing, which makes for an incredibly sleek look. Our favourite has to be their nifty coin pouch that comes in the most mind-boggling yet intriguing design yet.

Where to find The Sleeveless Garden: Chatuchak (JJ) market Section 4 Soi 47/1 Room 018

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Images credit to respective brands