There’s no denying it; we all love our Korean dramas. They take us on a roller-coaster of emotions and leave us wanting more when the series is over. One thing I’m sure everyone’s curious about though, is how the Korean actresses manage to look so flawless all the time.

Well, we’ve made a step in uncovering their secrets – the lipstick shades Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Go Eun were wearing in Legend of the Blue Sea and Goblin.

Lipstick Jun Ji Hyun Lipstick (Legend of the Blue Sea)


Being Hera’s brand ambassador, Jun Ji Hyun naturally wears Hera’s makeup on set. Her gorgeous dark rose lip shade however, doesn’t seem to be one of the shades available from Hera. Apparently, it’s a combination of the Hera Rogue Holic (#147 Supreme Pink) and their Sensual Lip Serum Glow (#1 Love Blossom).

Lipstick Jun Ji Hyun Kim Legend of The Blue Sea Lipstick - Hera


Emulating your favourite Korean actresses however, may not be the easiest task. Since Hera doesn’t have a physical store in Singapore, fans would have to rely on online retailers. The bad news is, that their lippies can go up to SGD56 online!

Lipstick Jun Ji Hyun Kim Go Eun - Kim Go Eun Lipstick (Goblin)


Kim Go Eun may not be the typical bombshell you would expect in K-dramas. However, her natural, girl-next door look is exactly what makes her so charming. While she may not look like she’s wearing much makeup, she gets her rosy pink lips with the Lancome L’absolu Rogue #264.

Lipstick Jun Ji Hyun Kim Go Eun - Lancome La'absolu Rouge #264 Goblin


Plus, since Goblin became one of the most popular dramas in Singapore, the Lancome L’absolu Rogue #264 has become increasingly hard to find. It’s currently sold out nearly everywhere!

Luckily, you don’t have to wait ages for the lippies to come back instock or pay exorbitant prices for them. Just place a request on Airfrov! A friendly traveler will help you get a lippie on their trips to Korea or United States!

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