Fans of the cute characters from LINE Friends are in store for even more great stuff this winter! Best friends Brown, Cony and Sally are here to brighten up your day with LINE’s latest #HandWarmers from Korea!

line friends hand warmer


Dressed in iconic sauna attire, these cute little plushies will keep your hands as warm as a jimjilbang. It’s perfect for that cold, winter overseas trip that you’re embarking on this holidays, or even when you’re heading to the cinema to catch fantastic beasts or sing KTV with Lulu!

line friends hand warmer


The hand warmers are just over 11.5cm tall, making them super portable so you can just keep them in your coat pocket and enjoy their warmth! Just put it into the microwave oven for 30 seconds, heating up the special grains inside the toys to keep you warm and fuzzy for 3-4 hours. The plushies are also infused with a special aroma oil, making sure that you feel warm while smelling great!

line friends hand warmer

(From left: Sally Sauna Stove Heatable Toy, Brown Sauna Stove Heatable Toy, Cony Sauna Stove Heatable Toy, ₩9,500 each)

All 3 hand warmers are exclusive to the LINE Friends store in Korea (Sorry, Japanese travellers!). If you aren’t travelling to Korea anytime soon, our friendly Airfrov travellers would be more than willing to help you bring these cuties back home for you!

But wait, there’s more!

LINE also introduced THREE more heatable plushies just for you, coming in an all-new, all-different shape and size!

line friends hand warmer

(Clockwise from bottom-left: Cony Chicken Costume Hand Warmer , Brown Chicken Costume Hand Warmer, Sally Chicken Costume Hand Warmer, ₩8,500 each)

These chicken-wrapped plushies (isn’t Sally a duck though?) are just SO adorable, you could squish them for days! Be sure to get one of our awesome Airfrov travellers to bring one home to you, directly from Korea!