Try these Limited Ed. Matcha Snacks from Japan before it’s gone forever!

Matcha is the new Java chip, well at least for me. Many have ditched the coffee powder for the powdered form of green tea, largely due to the health benefit it brings. Matcha is rich in antioxidants which have been tied to protection against heart disease and cancer, as well as better blood sugar regulation, blood pressure reduction.  And the best part? It’s known to boosts metabolism and burn fats! 

With the rising trend of Matcha, it’s no surprise that big brands have incorporated Matcha into their product range. Think matcha chocolate, matcha mik tea, matcha ice cream…. In Japan, new Matcha snacks are introduced every now and then. We have chosen these 5 limited edition Matcha snacks from Japan you have to try, and stock up if you love them. Because we won’t know when they will stop production!


ochame matcha snacks japan

Ochame : Matcha + Chocolate covered strawberry
Produced by Japanese tea company Itohkyuemon specially for Valentine’s Day, the matcha used here is a mixture of dark & flavourful okoicha, and milder jousucha. Mixed with a layer of white chocolate, the result is a bitter-sweet strawberry truffle.
Buy from: Itohkyuemon, Japan or ask a traveller for help 
Price: 1,296 yen for a 70-gram container


 calbee matcha snacks japan calbee matcha snacks japan
Image credits: Casey Baseel, rocketnews

Zeitaku Matcha potato chips by Calbee
Thick, ridged slices drizzled with chocolate & Uji matcha, the variety grown in Kyoto that is highly prized by green tea lovers around the world. One of the taste tests explains the first taste sensation to be salty like a normal potato chip, followed by mellowing sweetness, and aromatic aftertaste of matcha.
Buy from: Convenience Stores in Japan or ask a traveller for help 


 matcha snacks japan  calbee shrimp chip matcha snacks japan
Image credits: Oona McGee, Rocketnews

What: Calbee Green tea chocolate-covered shrimp chips

Calbee’s shrimp chips is a popular snack we had since young.. But to have that covered in Matcha & chocolate flavour, it’s a first for us. If you’re a fan of shrimp chips, you have to try this crunchy version filled with matcha & chocolate aroma!
Buy from: Convenience Stores in Japan or ask a traveller for help 
Price: 160 yen


nabisco oreo bar matcha snacks japan

Nabisco Oreo Chocolate Bar

Not your typically black cookie white creme oreo, but a chocolate bar similar to that of Mars bars. In the latest release, Nabisco Oreo mashed up matcha & chocolate for this limited edition release in Japan. With a longer shelf life, you can stock this up!
Buy from: Convenience Store, Japan


garrett popcorn matcha garrett popcorn matcha

Image credits: Garrett Popcorn facebook page

Matcha Caramel Crisp by Garrett Popcorn
Last year, we went crazy over the matcha popcorn by Garrett. This year, it’s making a return! However, this time the sale of Matcha Caramel Crispy flavor is limited to the outlet at Shinsaibashi, Osaka. Stocks are going to be very limited, fingers crossed!
Buy from: Garrett Popcorn Shinsaibashi or ask a traveller for help 
Price: 1400 yen for Quart tin / 3300 yen for one gallon

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