Even if you aren’t adept at French pastries, or are nowhere close to being a macaron connoisseur, there’s still a particular patisserie brand that you must know of — does Ladurée sound familiar?

The legendary patisserie serves up one of the most luxurious and decadent desserts, and even if you’re not in Paris to bite into their famed macarons while breathing in the sophisticated French air, there are still Ladurée counters here in Singapore that you can still visit should you want to satisfy a macaron craving.

But enough about food. There’s something about Ladurée that not many people know about, and it’s the fact that the brand actually has their own makeup line too! And you can bet that the Les Merveilleuses Ladurée Makeup Collection is loads of fun, considering how the company has incorporated their whimsical vintage-fairytale style into their product packaging. Which needless to say, had design-suckers like us twirled round their little pinky.

Here are some of their most popular products:

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Face Colour Rose Ladurée

Refill: ¥7,000 | Pot: ¥3,000

Ladurée Makeup - Face Colour Rose Ladurée Ladurée Makeup - Face Colour Rose Ladurée

Hands down the cheekiest and prettiest item from Ladurée! The little petals that nestle inside the domed shaped holder actually contain rosy pigment for blush, so all you have to do is swirl your blush/powder brush gently around the petals, dust off the excess, and have the colour sheered out on your cheeks.


Cheek Colour Palette


Ladurée Makeup - Cheek Colour Palette Ladurée Makeup - Cheek Colour Palette

We’re thrilled that this palette is part of their 2017 Summer Collection, because it’s not often that you see such bold colours coming from Ladurée. The palette comes with three pans of fun shades, with their classic Ladurée portrait pressed into the powder as a design. Use these as blushes for a bit of fun with your cheeks, or alternatively, use them on the eyes. We’re already thinking of ways to rock that hot fuchsia hue.


Eye Shadow


Ladurée Makeup - Eye Shadow Ladurée Makeup - Eye Shadow

Before even going in-depth into the contents of the product, we’d just like to beg a question: Have you ever seen any eyeshadow palette look so excessively beautiful?! This is a definite Ladurée family member — just check out the ribboned floral bonnet that makes up the lid of the component, completed with ruffled trimming. The palette itself comes with only two colours, so while you don’t get much playroom with it, the colour selection has been fine-tuned for the ones who prefer light eye makeup with minimal colours.


Lip Gloss


Ladurée Makeup - Lip Gloss Ladurée Makeup - Lip Gloss

Now, the packaging of their lip gloss may be a hit or miss with the beauty folks — but if you’re one to collect interesting looking makeup, this might just find a perfect home in your stash. The entire component is actually a leg, where the transparent “stocking” part of it reflects the colour that is in the tube. And, not forgetting a gold heeled dancing shoe, too. There are 10 colours available.


Body Lotion (release on June 2, 2017)


Ladurée Makeup - Body Lotion Ladurée Makeup - Body Lotion

One look at the entire range of body lotions and we’re instantly reminded of the popular Laurée macarons. Just take a look at the almost circular packaging! Plus, when clad in pastel shades, these bottles of skin food truly calms both the mind and soul. There are five fragrances available for different settings and moods.


The Les Merveilleuses Ladurée makeup collection is only available in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. But no country is too far away with Airfrov! Simply put up a request and a friendly traveller will have your Ladurée goodies brought back for you!

(Image sources: Les Merveilleuses Ladurée)


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